Got to Get You Into My Life, ch. 2 Chapter Two

7 months later


One day the girls were in Joey's room trying to figure out a way to go to go to the Beatles concert and possibly meet them.

"I wished we lived in England." Jody whined.

"What good would that do?" Jana asked.

"We'd be in the the same country as them." Jody replied. Sometimes Jody wasn't too smart.

"That still wouldn't help us meet them. Besides the are spending more time in the States these days." Joey said.

"The first thing we have to do is get tickets to the concert." Jenny said.

"That's your department, Jenny." Joey said. "You have better luck at getting good seats than the rest of us do."

"Now that that's settled, let's go get some ice cream at the diner." Jana said.

At the diner they continued their discussion. they finally deciced the best thing to do was to go out to the airport when they came in and attend the concert. Maybe something would happen in one of those two places and they would get lucky enough to meet them.

Within the next couple of weeks Jenny had secured the tickets.

"Hey everybody, look what I got! " she exclaimed. She held up four concert tickets.

"You got them?" Joey asked, her eyes wide with hope.

"I not only got them, I got second row seats in the middle section!" Jenny cried.

All four girls let out screams that could be heard around the block.

On the seventeenth of September, the Beatles are coming in on a special early moring flight. About a hundred fans including the four girls are there at 2:00 a.m. They drive out to the airport where a big crowd had already formed. They couldn't get inside so they stand outside. The police put up barricades to hold the crowd back. Soon a big black limosine pulled up to the curb. Joey was standing next to it.

The Beatles were just now coming out of the airport to get in the limo.

"Ringo," Jenny sighed. He gave her cheek a pinch and a smile.

"George," Jody sighed. He kissed her hand.

"John," Jana sighed. He blew her a kiss.

"Paul," Joey sighed. He looked deep onto her eyes. Joey felt her knees go weak.

"You have beautiful eyes luv," he told her while being pushed into the limosine.

The car pulled away from the curb and whisked the boys away from the crowd with Paul still looking out the back window.

"Guys, I'm in love." Paul announced.

"Not again!" the other three groaned and then laughed.

"You fall in love with every girl you see." John said.

"I feel something different about this one." Paul said.

"That's what you said about the last one," George said.

"If I could meet her I would know. Who knows, she could be the right one." Paul said thoughtfully.

"Dream on, Paul, dream on." John teased.

Meanwhile, some of the girls were chasing after the limosine. The crowd surged forward and the four girls were carried along with the flow. For some unexplained reason Joey felt like crying, but she fought off that emotion as the car disappeared from sight.

Chapter Three

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