Got to Get You Into My Life, Ch. 12 Chapter Twelve

When the vacationing was over it was time for their 1965 U.S. Tour. The boys finished their album and it reached number ne in the U.S. charts. The tour would start August 13th so there were lots of things to do before they left. A wedding for one and the boys had interviews to do and the girls did some shopping and started getting things ready to go.

One thing was bothering Joey which was a cause for concern for her. Paul was receiving a number of letters and little gifts from one particular fan. It bothered Joey that this fan was always around where ever Paul might be. It was very possible that she was outside the gates of the house right now. Paul didn't seem to notice that all these gifts came from the same girl and he rarely had time to read the mail. Lots of times he let Joey read it and she answered a lot of it too. Only this girl wanted Paul. She wanted him so much that she began stalking him and it was driving Joey crazy. Her name was Simone!

She was of Indian descent with long dark hair, dark complextion and piercing brown eyes. She was curvacious with an aura of sexuality about her. When she walked past men all eyes turned in her direction. She walked like a cat on the prowl, confident in what she wants and what she can get. She dressed in black, gold, and silver with lots of jewelry and gems. Her hair long and flowing. For all the world she could be an Indian princess of the rajahs of old. Joey saw her as a threat to her relationship with Paul.

During the tour the Beatles were able to take a few days off. While they were in California they rented a house in Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. While they were there two girls hired a helicopter to fly over the house and they jumped from it into the swimming pool. One of the girls was Simone!

On August 31st the Beatles did a concert at the San Francisco Cow Palace. After the show the boys headed back to the dressing room where all the girls except Joey were waiting for them. Joey was in the corridor talking to Neil. Simone had slipped into the dressing room undetected. She latched onto Paul and forced his head down to kiss her. He was shocked and in an act of pure instinct he put his arms around her. Neil and Joey walked into the room just in time to see Paul kissing Simone. Joey's mouth dropped open and hurt clouded her eyes. Simone flashed her an evil grin. Joey turned and fled the room. Neil looked disguted at Paul and he went to go find Joey.

"Joey wait!" Paul called out. "Get away from me," he growled at Simone.

"Oh, forget about her," Simone said forcing Paul to kiss her again.

Paul felt sick. He broke free from Simone and bolted from the dressing room in search of Joey. John rang up security and they came and removed Simone from the premises. Neil had grabbed Joey and he was holding her while she cried uncontrollably. Paul appeared and Neil shook his head no and motioned for Paul to go away. He didn't move.

"Joey, I have to talk to you." Paul said. "What you saw going on back there is not what you think it was."

"How do you know what I think?" she spat at him. "How could you do this to me? Go away, just go away."

"But, Joey..." he began.

"Paul, go!" Neil interrupted him.

Paul hung his head, turned and shuffled back to the dressing room. When he entered, all eyes turned on him.

"You really screwed up this time." Jenny said. "You've lost her, Paul."

Paul hung his head again and didn't try to hold back the tears in his eyes.

Meanwhile outside the dressing room Joey said to Neil, "Neil, I want to go home. Back to Texas. Will you please book me a flight and make sure I'm on it."

Chapter Thirteen

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