Got to Get You Into My Life, Ch. 11 Chapter Eleven

Six months later they were in Switzerland for a much-needed vacation before they started the 1965 U.S. tour. Jenny wass standing at the window looking at the early and unexpected blizzard that had everybody snowed in.

Suddenly John came running down the stairs. "My baby's having a wife! Will someone call a doctor!"

"He couldn't get here in this weather." Pattie said. "Besides babies don't have wives."

"How about you, Jenny? You've had some nurses' training." Ringo said.

"Anybody." John said nervously. "Will somebody please do something!"

Then they heard Jana scream.

"Hurry up, Jenny!" Pattie cried.

"Get some blankets, hot water, and a first aid kit and hurry!" Jenny exclaimed.

Then Jana screamed again. Pattie got the blankets and hot water.

During this time, Paul and Joey were sitting on the couch so asborbed in each other that they didn't notice the commotion going on around them. George walked by shaking his head, sat down on the other couch and said to Ringo.

"Sickening. Postively sickening."

"Oh George, leave them alone. Besides I've never seen Paul so happy." Ringo grinned.

About an hour later John was the proud father of a set of twins. Two girls.

"Is Jana alright Jenny? Can I see her and my chldren?" John asked excitedly.

"John, just calm down." Jenny said. "Jana is knocked out but you can see your daughters."

John ran out of the room yelling. "I'm a father, a real live father. I've got real live twins. They're really real and they're all mine."

"Hey John, how's your babies' wife?" Ringo asked.

Pattie looked over at George.

"Why can't we have a baby?" she asked.

"Wait a minute, no, uh-uh. Just because John and Ringo are going around producing babies doesn't mean we have to. What do you want to do, start a population explosion in the mountains here?" George asked.

Everyone laughed, except for Paul and Joey who were still lost in each other.

"Our time will come soon enough I guess. I just thought I'd ask." Pattie said.

The next week John, Jana, and the twins came down the stairs in proud manner. They named one girl Deryn and the other Dee.

"How's Little Bo Peep and Little Miss Muffet this morning?" Ringo asked.

"Oh, go to hell, Ringo." Jana said teasingly.

"Hey, we better stop all this damn profanity before those little babies pick it up." Paul said grinning. Everyone laughed.

"Man, Paul you're really helping it." Joey smirked.

Everyone was really happy for John and Jana. Joey thought Paul looked very fatherly as he held Deryn. Joey took Dee from Pattie and sat down next to Paul and smiled. He smiled back at her. "You two look so cute. You would make good parents." Jana said.

The smiles disappeared from their faces. Joey handed Dee back to John and Paul handed Deryn back to Jana. "Hey, what gives?" John asked.

"We don't want to look cute and be parents yet." Paul said.

"Oh? We didn't even know you two were considering marriage." Jenny commented.

"We've been doing some talking, but that's it." Paul said.

Jenny looked at Joey.

"I wonder why Joey didn't say anything to me. We used to talk about everything to each other." she thought to herself.

Joey looked back at Jenny and winked at her. Jenny smiled and knew that Joey would tell her about it soon.

Later that afternoon, Joey told Jenny everything that she and Paul had talked about.

"Please don't say anything to Paul or the others. I'm not so sure he wants anyone to know yet, including you." Joey said.

"My lips are sealed." Jenny said, giving her sister a hug. "You two seemed very happy."

"Jenny, Paul is the only man I'll ever need or want. We are very happy." Joey replied.

Unknown to them, trouble was brewing in Beatledom.

Chapter Twelve

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