Got to Get You Into My Life, ch. 1 Chapter One

The day dawned cold and gray. It was February 9, 1964 and it was a very important day.

Joey Martin woke up and looked to see if Jenny was up. Her sister’s bed was neatly made. Joey could never see why Jenny couldn't sleep late. Joey could hear a commotion going on in the kitchen and she knew her mother would be making her famous pancakes. This motivated Joey to get out of bed.

Joey quickly went through her records and found Please, Please Me and put it on her record player. For the past two years she had a pen pal in England, who had sent her records and pictures of this new group that everyone there was crazy about called "The Beatles". Since then they had gained popularity in the States also. Tonight for the first time in America they were going to be on the Ed Sullivan Show. The girls had laughed at their hair and clothes, but soon came to realize that they were excellent musicians, not to mention incredibly good looking. Oddly enough each girl had chosen her favorite Beatle. When their mom asked them which one was the best looking all four girls yelled out a different name.

"Girls! Come quick. The Beatles are on TV,” their father yelled from the den.

They ran to the TV. The station was showing the Beatles landing at Idlewild airport. Screams went up from the girls at the airport when the Beatles stepped off the plane.

"What are they screaming about?" their dad asked.

“Oh Dad! Your generation screamed for Frank Sinatra," Jenny cried.

"Yeah, but he didn't have long hair." Dad said.

“That's one of the things that makes them cute." Jenny countered.

"Cute! With all that hair!" Dad exclaimed.

"Which one is which?" Mom asked as she stared at the screen.

Joey pointed out John, Paul, George, and Ringo to their parents.

"I think Paul is the best-looking one." Mom said.

"Yay, Mom!" Joey exclaimed.

"They look like a bunch of girls." Dad muttered.

Later that evening all four girls were sitting on the floor in front of the TV. As the Ed Sullivan Show started you could already hear girls screaming. As the show wore on, the four girls were getting fidgety waiting for the Beatles to come on. When they did come on the screams rose and nearly drowned out the Beatles singing. Being eighteen the girls thought some of the audience were acting silly. Girls were screaming, crying and some were even fainting.

Joey turned to look at her father to see his reaction.

"They don't sing, they scream." Dad said. "Besides how can you tell them apart, they're all dressed the same."

"Dad!' Jenny exclaimed.

"They do. How can you understand anything they say?" he asked.

"That's easy." Jana said. "Aren't their accents sexy?"

"Sexy!" Dad exclaimed. "You girls are something else and those Beatles still need a haircut!"

"Dad!" all four girls exclaimed in unison and then dissolved into giggles. They even got a chuckle out of him.

"He's just teasing you." Mom grinned.

"We know, but it's still irritating." Joey answered.

Once again Dad muttered, "They look like a bunch of girls."

At bedtime Joey and Jenny had been discussing the show.

"Do you think they're just a passing fad?" Jenny asked.

"I hope not. I could look at Paul for years." Joey answered.

"Yeah. I feel the same about Ringo." Jenny sighed.

"I wonder what school will be like tomorrow." Joey said.
They were going to the nearby University.

"Everybody is going to be talking about them." Joey said. "I'd like to go with Jody back to the high school to hear her talk."

"I'm sure we'll hear all about it." Jenny said, rolling her eyes.

A knock came on the door and their mother stuck her head in.

"Lights out, you two," she said.

"Mom, we are eighteen years old now. We aren't children anymore." Jenny said.

"I was only teasing. You know how I am," she grinned.

"Hey, Mom, who's your favorite Beatle?" Joey asked.

"Paul," she answered.

"Alright!" Joey exclaimed and raised her fist up in the air. That gesture landed a pillow in Joey's face. She put it behind her head and turned out the light.

Chapter Two

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