Out of Your Shell, pt. 9 Part Nine
New Character: Ramsey: Julia and Jeanna's best friend, a trio never to be seperated.  Ramsey was away out of the country visiting his family in Lebanon.  Ramsey is 19 yrs. old; he is 5'7 with hazel eyes and short medium brown hair.  Ramsey can sometimes be overbearing with his friends worrying about thier own good, sometimes forgetting that the best thing to do is let them learn from thier own mistakes.  Although he is still one of the best friends anyone can have because Julia and Jeanna understand he tries to protect them because he cares so much.  And watch out for his temper.  It's a Middle-Eastern one.

             Jeanna now in the shower trying desperately to wash away the dirty feeling from  the previous night.  Upon stepping out of the shower she sluggishly put her robe back on, she flopped on the bed and flared up a cigarette planning to spend the remainder of the day there.....alone.

            Paul not ready to leave the safety of his room yet depressingly begins to work on his lyrics again.  Realizing that this would not make his problems dissapear he put away his papers.  He begins to think about what happened that night, and how.

      Downstairs George and Ringo sit watching TV. "Boy I bet that sure was embarrassing; everyone walking in on them like that." George stated.

"Yeah, but it sure was funny, and by the way, next time you decide to go 'round slammin' doors make sure me nose is outta the way first, you almost got me there!" Ringo laughed.

"Gee I wonder what John and Julia are doin' up there, they're a bunch a crazy kids." George said.

"Yeah, everyone's paired up, well, I guess we're a couple." Ringo said while raising his eyebrows at George.

"Any more comments like that and next time I won't miss." George warned.

They both laughed it off and continued to watch the lovely Lucy that everyone loves.

Back up in Julia's room......

Julia, now sitting on the edge of the bed in sorrow as if someone she cares about had passed away, with her head cupped between the palms of her hands. Starting to think how things used to be between her and her two best friends, Jeanna and Ramsey.  Wishing that she could talk to him, had remembered that he returned this morning.

Deciding that she needed to talk to someone, she looks up to see John gazing out the window.

"I have to go make a phone call, will you be alright?" Julia says.

"Yes luv, I'll be fine, don't worry about me." John tells her.

As Julia gets up to leave the room, she looks back one more time to see John still standing in the window, head bowed slightly she sees his shoulders shiver, and knows he is crying.  Knowing he wouldn't want her to see, she turns and leaves the room silently.

As she walks down the stairs  she passes by George and Ringo who both look up at her, but she doesn't give them a second thought at the time.  She continues walking and enters the recreation room.  She looks around for a phone, and spots one on the desk.  She picks up the phone and quickly dials Ramsey's apartment.


"Hello?" she hears Ramsey answer.

"Hi Ramsey, it's me Julia, welcome back!" she says, trying to sound cheery.

"Oh Julia, hey, how's everything, I heard the news about you and Jeanna!" he tells her. "That's crazy, I can't believe you guys actually got your wish! Sounds like a fantasy story come true."  Ramsey exclaims.

"You took the word right out of my mouth, "crazy"."  she states. 

"When I first heard I didn't believe it then I thought how you guys could have schemed your way into that,"  he continues.

"You mean the way Jeanna schemed herself into it."  she adds in sarcastic tone.

"Yeah she's especially good at that!"  he says, still not noticing anything wrong.

"Yes, I know, among other things,"  she sighs, although happy to hear Ramsey's voice, but upset at his carelessness to notice something is bothering her.

"Yeah I bet!"  Ramsey goes on.

"Ramsey, I know you're excited and all, and so was I, but I called because there's something I wanna talk to you about," she says with frustration.

"Oh, um, I'm sorry, I didn't even notice something was bothering you, what is it?" he asks, feeling worthless for not noticing.

"Well, you know how......." she starts.

She then continues to tell him the whole sorted story.

"......And now I'm here telling you." she finishes.

"Oh, wow, um, ouch, okay, uh, sounds like I missed a lot."  he stammered. "So I guess you want me to talk to her?"  he asks.

"Do you think that it would help?"  she counters.

"Well, I certainly wanna find out just what's going on with her, and if it is a mistake.  Which I'm sure it is, Jeanna wouldn't do anything like that, at least I don't think so." he replies.

"Do you want the number here?" she asks.

"Yes, and then I'll call you back later."  he tells her.

"Okay, thanks Ramsey, see ya' later."  Julia finishes.

"Okay, take care, bye."  Ramsey ends.

"Bye."  Julia returns.

They hang up.  Julia slowly turns and sits in the chair behind the desk and puts her head down and starts thinking, when the ringing of the phone startles her.  She gets up and goes to her room before Jeanna comes down, she doesn't want to see her just yet. Ringo and George distracted by the television ignore the phone.  John comes down to answer it.  Passing up Ringo and George he sees that they are just being lazy and stops for a second.  He stands and looks at them with his hands on his hips.

"Don't you two worry, I'll get it, wouldn't want you two to lift a finger around here now would we?" He says sarcastically while waving his finger at them.  Then continues to the phone.

"'Allo,"  John answers.

"Uh, yeah, can I speak with Jeanna please?"  Ramsey asks.

"No, who's this?"  John asks a little agitated that Jeanna is getting private calls at this house.

"Uh, yeah I can, this is her best friend Ramsey, now you mind putting her on the phone?!" he says with his temper starting to flare up.

"Well, I ain't never heard of ye, but I tell her you called."  Then hangs up quickly.

He then heads for Jeanna's room, on the way, the phone begins to ring again.

He walks up to Jeanna's room and pounds....

"That phones for you, Jeanna, it's some guy, he said his name is Rumdumb," and with that John quickly walks back to his room.

Jeanna quickly gets out of bed and heads for the phone wondering who this Crumbthumb could be.

"Hello?"  Jeanna answers curiously.

"Hey Jeanna, I don't know who just answered the phone earlier but they really pissed me......."  Cut off by Jeanna instantly when she recognized the voice.

"Oh my God, Ramsey!?"  Jeanna asked vigorously after realizing who it was.

"Yeah....."  Ramsey said.  At that he forgot about the incident with John, and Jeanna forgot about "Crumbthumb".

"How'd you get this number?"  she asked.

"Julia gave it to me, but anyway....."  he started.

"Wait, you talked to Julia?" she asked him in surprise.

"Yes, and I need to talk to you about some things."  he told her taking a serious tone, knowing that tone, she knows that she's in for it.

"Like what?"  she asked him, like possibly nothing could be wrong.

"Well, why don't you tell me."  he says trying to get information he might not know yet, in a fatherly voice.

"Okay, well, how about I start from the beginning?"  she asked.

"That's probably the best way to do it,"  he comments.

"Well, here's how it starts, I was uh....." she starts to tell him before he suddenly cuts her off.

"Never mind, I don't wanna hear the whole thing again, just tell me this, do you love Paul?"  Ramsey asked, frightened to hear the answer.

Part Ten

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