Out of Your Shell, Part 4 Part Four

That night Jeanna had dreams of both John and Paul. One would be talking to her, and then change in to the other one.  She liked them both, but she knew in her heart if John showed any interest who she'd pick.  She awoke abruptly from her sleep to the ringing of her phone.  She reached to the cluttered nightstand, knocking everything over.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hey Jeanna, did I wake you?" It was Monique.

"Oh, no, I need to get up anyway."

"Oh, so, how'd it go last night?" Monique asked.

"I have a lot to tell you, what time is it?"


" Ok, well, come over here, I'll tell you over some coffee." Jeanna told her.

"Alright, I'll be over in 20. No make that 15, I can't wait to hear what went on!!"

With that she hung up, ready to start the day, but weary of what might happen.

She got out of bed, and decided she might as well pack for the trip. Quickly she woke Julia, made some breakfast, and packed her suitcase. She made coffee, and waited for Monique. When Monique arrived she was bubbling with curiosity.

"Well...." Monique said.

"Well, what?" Jeanna asked.


"Oh, that, well, I have to tell you, it was a trip....." Jeanna started.

".....And then he invited us for a few days to a house they're borrowing." Jeanna finished.
Monique just sat with a shocked look on her face.

"Well, say something!" Jeanna said.

"That, sounds like one of your fantasies come true!!" she said with a laugh.

Then they both burst with a fit of giggles.

"I for one, had a great time, other than the fact that I didn't get to talk to Paul," Julia said.

"Yeah, but you were pretty cozy over in your corner with Georgy, weren't you?!" Jeanna said.

"Yeah, I like him, but I still can't help but wish I had talked to Paul, you lucky girl."

"Don't worry, you'll get your chance." Jeanna reassured her.

"Well, don't worry, I'm sure it'll turn out ok, either way you're both lucky." Monique said

"How exactly do you mean?" Jeanna asked her.

"Ok, well think about it this way. Where did you go last night?" she asked them.

"A party at the Beatles' hotel." Julia answered.

"Ok, did you ever in your life think that would ever happen?" Monique asked.

"Well, no, only in my dreams." Jeanna told her.

"OK, now, where are you going today?" Monique asked.

"TO STAY OVERNIGHT WITH THE BEATLES!!!" they both screamed.

"I think you're getting my point now.  Even if tomorrow was the last time you ever saw them, shouldn't you be grateful you saw them at all?" she told them.

"Yeah, you're right." Jeanna said.

"Julia, right now, let's make a deal, were not going to let this come between us, no matter what happens, ok."

"It's a deal, we're just gonna have a good time.  It's our only chance, let's just make the best of it." Julia said.

"Well, since that's settled, I suggest we start getting ready, it's already 10 o'."

Meanwhile back at the house where the Beatles are staying....

"Oh come on Brian, let us go, we won't get into any trouble, we promise!" Paul begged.

"Now boys, you know you always get into trouble wherever you go," Brian protested.

"Think about it, it's a Sunday, everyrone is in bloody church, if we get in any trouble, you can lock us up for the rest of the tour and throw away the key," John told him.

"Alright, alright, but BE GOOD!!" Brian said warningly.

12:45 P.M.

"Julia, oh my gosh, the cars gonna be here any minute! Are you ready?" Jeanna asked.

"Yeah, I think I have everything. This is gonna be sooo great!"

Just then came a knock at the door.

"That must be it, I'll get it," Jeanna said.

She walked over to answer the door, expecting the driver, but was surprised with something else.

"Um, hi guys, what are you doing here?" Jeanna asked.

"We just thought we'd stop by and see what you girls were doing today," Will said.

He was accompanied by his brother Peter, and their friend Nick.

"Is Monique here?  I saw her car outside." Nick said.

"Yeah, come in." Jeanna told them.

Then Julia came barreling in.

"IS IT.....oh.  Hey guys." Julia said.

"Are you guys expecting someone?" Peter asked. "Um....well...kinda." Jeanna stuttered.

"Jeanna, can I talk to you for a minute?" Will asked her.

"Yeah, sure, come in here."

They left the room, and took their conversation into the sunroom.

"So, who's coming over?" He asked her suspiciously.

"No one, we're being picked up, we're gonna go visit some friends," She told him, nervously.

Why am I nervous? she asked herself.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and she rushed to answer it, and was presented with another surprise. It was the Fab Four themselves, which caused a great uneasiness in the pit of her stomach.

"Hello luv!" John said as they entered the house.

Julia was in total shock, and was absentmindedly fidgeting with her hair.

"What are you messing around with your hair for, there's a car waiting, come on!" John said, trying to be funny not knowing they already had company.

Until Will, Nick, and Peter all came strolling in the room. They all just stood there with shocked looks on their faces, the Beatles, and the other boys.

"Um, let me introduce you all.  Guys, this is Monique and her boyfriend Nick." She said pointing to them. "This is two of my good friends, Will, and his brother Peter." She told the Beatles.

"Monique, Nick, Will, Peter, I assume you already know who they are," she said.

"Yes, we all know who they are, we've known since the first day you laid eyes on them, since you would never shut up about it." Will said in an effort to embarrass her.

If looks could kill, he would have dropped dead right then and there.

"Ok, well, time to go, Julia, we can't keep them waiting," Jeanna said.

"Oh, so that's where your going, huh!" Will said.

"Yeah, so."

"Oh, nothing, I was just wondering why you would need suitcases to go visit them," Will said.

"Oh, well, we're gonna be staying a few days." Jeanna told him wearily.

"Oh really.  Well, isn't that appropriate.  I knew you liked them, but I'd never thought you'd stoop so low Jeanna, well, don't worry I'll let you explain when you get back." he told her.

By now Jeanna was so mad and so embarrassed that she could've cried and killed him all at once. She wasn't the only one.

"Listen 'ere you bloody swine... I don't know who you are, or where you came from, and frankly I don't care, but I can assure you that she is completely innocent in this situation.  We never have a chance to meet real people anymore, and I can tell you she is one of the sweetest people I've ever been privileged to know, so if I ever hear you talk to her like that again, I'm gonna thump you so hard your teeth will be permanently stuck in your skull!!! You got that?!!" John said with that very crazy look in his eye.

"Jeanna, are you gonna let him talk to me that way?!!" Wil asked her.

She just stood there quietly looking at John, she didn't hear a word Will had just said.

"Fine, you'll be back.  Come on guys, let's get outta here!" Will shouted.

When she realized that they left, she just stood there smiling, until she looked at Paul to see a very betrayed look on his face.  You could just see the jealousy dripping from his gaze.  Then she abruptly looked away.

   All Jeanna wanted to do was give John a big hug and kiss, but she didn't want to push it, so she just gave him a little hug, and a kiss on the cheek. After realising that she just kissed him, she could feel her face turn hot, and noticed everyone staring, she then remembered that they were even there, for a minute she forgot all about them.

"WELL, what are we waiting for, let's get outta here!" she said trying to take the tension away.

"Bye Monique!" Julia called.

"Have fun you guys!" Monique said. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" she said laughing.

"Oh, well that narrows it down." Jeanna said sarcastically.

"Just get outta here." Monique said laughing.

So Jeanna, Julia, and the beautiful Beatles loaded up in the car, and took off.  Not one person in the car knowing what was in store, for any of them.

Part Five

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