Part Three Part Three

Upon entering John's private bedroom, Jeanna  smelled the musky smell of cologne and cigarettes, she found the smell very mysterious and invigorating all at once.

It was all like a dream.  How many times had she fantasized being alone with John?  She couldn't even count.  She had always dreamed of meeting him, now that it finally happened, it wasn't quite how she pictured.  This was her fantasy come true, she was supposed to be in control, so how come she wasn't? This wasn't the first meeting with him she had always pictured, but hey, who's gonna complain?

She gingerly helped across the room to his unmade bed, and disappeared. She soon returned with water and aspirin.

"Here, take this, it'll help your headache in the morning," she said.

"Thanks luv." John said quietly.

She then walked over to the chair in the corner and grabbed a quilt, and covered him with it.

"I want to thank you for being so nice and helping me," he mumbled.

Before she could even reply, he was out like a light.  Sitting for a minute watching him sleep, he seemed so sweet.  She wanted so badly to know him. She wanted nothing more, but she never got her hopes up.' Years of dreaming is not going to end with a heartbreak,'  she thought.

She slowly got up from the side of the bed and walked to the foot of it. She didn't want to leave the room, fearing it would be the last time she would see him.  Barely knowing him made even more scary.  She had waited so long for this, and now she was so afraid of it all ending.  The fact that it seemed that Paul was the one that was interested, that made her sad and glad all at once.  Besides, John had a girlfriend back home, no interfering with that!

Looking at the room one last time, then at his angelic face, she left the room.

When she returned to the common room, she found that most of the party guests had left.  Except for a few here and there.

She noticed Paul at the bar, and walked over to him.

"Well, I think it's about time for us to go, I should get her home,"  she said pointing to Julia who was now on the couch talking to George and Ringo.

"Well, thank you for coming," Paul said.

"Thank you for having us, I had a good time," Jeanna told him.

"I apologize about John, he was being a fool," he told her, almost in angry tone.

"Oh, don't apologize, I think it was kinda sweet." She smiled trying to hide the giddyness.

"If you thought that was sweet, I'd hate to see what would've happened if he had given you flowers!" he said, laughing.

It made him happy to see her smile, he wanted to make her smile the way she did when they spoke of John, but it didn't happen, but none the less, he was happy to make her smile.

"Well, at least let me introduce you to the other guys before you leave." Paul told her.

He started walking to the other side of the room where the other 3 sat with Jeanna in tow.

"Hey guys, I want you to meet a friend of mine, this is Jeanna, Jeanna this is George and Ringo." Paul said.

"Nice to meet you Jeanna." Ringo said. "Hello." She said.

Jeanna noticed that Julia and George were sitting pretty close.  This was a big relief for her, she wouldn't have to feel guilty about the Paul thing.

"Well, Julia, I'm afraid we have to go, it's getting pretty late."

"Alright, I'm pretty beat anyway." Julia told Jeanna.

"It was nice meeting you all." Julia told the 3 Beatles.

"Bye!"  George and Ringo called in unison.

"Let me walk you 2 out," Paul told them.

They all made thier way to the door, and grabbed their coats.

"I have a question for you 2," Paul told them.

"What is it ?" Julia asked him.

"Do you 2 have to work for the next few days?" He asked.

"I am currently out of work." Jeanna told him.

"Julia...." Paul said.

"I'm on vacation....why? "

"Well, I was wondering if you two ladies would grace us with your presence for a few days.  A friend of ours is letting us borrow a house somewhere in the suburbs of Dallas, we would like to know if you wanna come out for a few days," he rattled off nervously, but still charmingly as ever.

"I have no plans for the next couple of days."  Jeanna told him.

"I'm up for it.  But one question." Julia said.

"What's that?" Paul asked.

"Where will we sleep?" she asked.

"There will be a seperate room for you two, my lady, unless you choose otherwise," he said as he wiggled his eyebrows wickedly.

"Oh Paul!" Julia said.

"Ok, we'll send a car for you tommorrow around one, just tell me your address, and everything's set." Paul told the girls.

"Alright, we'll se you tommorrow then" Jeanna said.

"Bye Paul." Julia said with the sweetest smile.

"Bye girls." He said.

That night sleeping was terribly hard for both of the girls. They both lay there tossing and turning, far too excited to sleep.

"Julia, are you awake?" Jeanna asked.

"Yeah, what's up?" She replied.

"Does this feel like a dream to you?" She asked her.

"Every minute, I'm so scared that I'm going to wake up any minute." Julia said matter-of-factly.

"Me too. Especially when I was with John." Jeanna said.

"Paul likes you." Julia told her.


"You know he does, don't pretend you haven't noticed,"  Julia said.

"I know, but don't worry, everything will work out....hopefully," she said.

"Yeah, let's get some sleep, big day tommorrow!" Julia said.

"I could just have a heart attack right now and die happy." Jeanna said.

"The feeling is mutual." Julia told her beaming friend

"Goodnight Julia."

"Goodnight Jeanna."

Part Four

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