Out of Your Shell, pt. 10 Part Ten
"Well, here's how it starts, I was uh....." she starts to tell him before he suddenly cuts her off.

"Never mind, I don't wanna hear the whole thing again, just tell me this, do you love Paul?"  Ramsey asked frightened to hear the answer.

"No, we're just using each other for the sex, I mean it's not that big of a deal."  Jeanna says.

"You did what?  Did I hear that right?  Do you know how this is gonna make Julia feel?"  Ramsey asks.

"Yeah, probably really good considering what I just said is a joke."  she replies.

"A joke?"  he rebuttles.

"Yeah, now do you really think I would do something like that!"  she answers.

"Oh, yeah, I knew that, how dumb do you think I am?"  he lies.

"Well, I was starting to wonder about you there."  she adds. "Well, than maybe I should tell Julia, because I don't think she'll listen to you right now.  Could you put her on the phone?"  He says.

"How about you come over here and talk to her in person?"  Jeanna suggests.

"Um, alright, well, you'll have to give me the address, do you have it?"  he asks.

"Yeah, it's 278 Brookshire Cr. in Dallas, it should take you about 30 minutes."  she replies.

"Okay, I'll be there in 10 minutes."  he says.

"Okay, see you in ten, bye."  she finishes.

"Bye."  he ends.

Exactly 10 minutes later........

Ramsey is pulling up to the large black iron gates as Jeanna opens it for him.  He drives up the long curved driveway and quickly jumps out as she runs out to give him a hug.  They say their hellos and start to make their way into the house.

As they enter the house they see George and Ringo still on the couch watching TV.

"George, Ringo, I want you to meet my other best friend in the whole world, Ramsey.  Ramsey, I'm sure you know who they are."  Jeanna introduces.

"Hi, nice to meet you."  Ramsey says. "Oh, 'ello."  Ringo replies.

"Likewise."  George says barely taking his eyes from the TV.

Jeanna points Ramsey to Julia's room and quickly goes back to her own room.


"Who is it?"  Julia asks curiously.

"It's Ramsey, open up."  he answers.

She swiftly flies up from the bed and swings open the door.  Before anything else can be said she has already grabbed him in a hug.

"Whoa, Julia, Julia, calm down,"  he tells her in an effort to breathe again.

"I haven't seen you in so long!!  What are you doing here?"  she inquires.

"I'm here to talk to you."  Ramsey answers.

"Oh, so I guess you talked to her then haven't you?"  she asks.

"Yeah, I have, and I have a couple things to tell you,"  he says.

They shut the door and sit then Ramsey begins to explain everything.  After that, they head over to Jeanna's room, which was slightly cracked open, so they let themselves in, finding Jeanna sitting on the bed reading "The Catcher in the Rye", her favorite book.

"Hey Jeanna..."  Julia says with a feeling of guilt in her voice.

"Oh, well you two help yourselves in here."  she states sarcastically.

With that Julia puts on a huge smile and gave her a hug.

"I'm so sorry Jeanna, I should have never believed that you could do that to me."  She says with a tear running down her cheek.

"It's okay I can understand it did look bad, and I'd a thought the same thing if I saw you in the same situation with John."  Jeanna replies.

"Speaking of which, maybe you should go talk to John."  Julia comments.

"Why?" Jeanna asks with much curiousity.

"Just because..."  Ramsey and Julia say in sinc.

"Umm, okay I will, I guess, but I don't know why."  Jeanna adds.

"And you go talk to Paul."  Ramsey says to Julia.

"NO! I have no reason to talk to him."  she exclaims.

"Okay, well then I will talk to him about how upset you were."  Ramsey insists.

"I don't care...."  she says before she sees Ramsey walking away.  Jeanna is shouting....

"The next room on the right!"

She quickly turns to Jeanna and says...

"He really wouldn't, would he?"  she asks nervously.

"Umm, aren't we talking about Ramsey?" She rebuttles.

"Shit..."  she remembers.

"Well then fine, I'm gonna talk to John."  Julia says.

"Is that a threat?"  Jeanna asks laughing.

"It's not funny, you know I will!"  she says with frustration.

"Oh ho ho will you?"  she says, still laughing.

"Fine, watch this," she says really annoyed.

She turns and marches off.  Jeanna then looks at her watch and starts counting down from 10.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1........1/2 , 1/3, 1/4, 1/8...

Then quickly jumps out of bed just before putting her book down, and slowly peeks out of the door to see Julia standing in front of Paul's door with her mouth dropped, with a shocked look.

"See I knew you wouldn't do it."  Jeanna says before sticking her tongue out at Julia.

"He's really in there....!" Julia says looking surprised. "No kidding.  Unlike some people he does what he says."  Jeanna adds while she goes back to her bed.

Quickly followed by Julia.

"Actually I was gonna do it!"  Julia argues.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway."  Jeanna says.

"Well I still have time to hide."  Julia says while trying to think of a good spot.

"Try out back."  Jeanna says.

"Good place!"  Julia says as she runs for it.

Jeanna laughs it off , and returns to her book.

Meanwhile back at Paul's room, Ramsey had just got through explaining to Paul how Julia felt about him.  Just after he got through explaining who he is. "Well then I'm gonna talk to her."  Paul says.

"Alright she's in Jeanna's room."  Ramsey comments.

They head off to Jeanna's room.

"'Ello, can we come in Jeanna luv?"   Guess who said.

"Sure, come on in."  she called back.

"Where's Julia?"  Ramsey asks.

"She's hiding."  she says with a giggle.

"Hidin'?  Hidin' where?"  Paul says while looking under the bed.

"Try out back."  Jeanna says.

"Oh, that was an easy interrogation, thanks."  Paul says as he leaves the room.

"What did you tell him?"  Jeanna asks.

"Everything."  Ramsey answers bluntly.

"Okay....well lets go down stairs for a bite to eat."  Jeanna states.

"Well, how about you go talk to John."  Ramsey insists.

"But I'm really hungry."  Jeanna begins to whine.

"Okay you go eat."  Ramsey says in a confident voice.

"Wait, where are you gonna be?"  Jeanna asks nervously.

"Going to talk to John."  he replies with a smirk.

"NO!  I will go do that, you can go watch TV with Ringo and George."  She says quickly.

"Okay, then I'll see you to his room."  Ramsey adds.

"FINE!"  Jeanna shouts.

Ramsey watches Jeanna go into John's room and then goes downstairs.

Meanwhile in the backyard.......

Paul walking out in the yard, doesn't see Julia anywhere in sight.  He walks around and looks everywhere possible, until, he hears some slurping behind him.  He turns around, and sees nothing but a trashbag.  He goes to investigate, waiting to hear the same sound.  He stands above the bag quietly listening.

comes from the bag.

Paul quickly opens the bag to reveal Julia balled up inside the bag drinking a beer.

"Oh, well well well, is this how you American birds spend yer time?!"  Paul says sarcastically.

"Oh, uh, how'd you find me?"  Julia asks still shocked.

"Well, you are the only bag that goes ."  he laughs.

Reaching down he takes her hand and helps her out of the bag, they continue to walk over to a pool bench and sit down.

"You know luv, I've been wondering somethin'."  Paul says slyly.

"What's that?" Julia says innocently.

"Well, why is it, that you and John were mad when Jeanna and I were caught together this morning in my room?"  he asks accusingly.

"Uh, well, I wasn't mad, I was just, uh, well, you know, tired."  she stammered.

"Oh, tired huh, of all the drama?"  he grins.

"Well, uh, you know, I gotta go to the bathroom."  she says trying to leave.

"Oh, no you don't, not so fast!"  he said pulling her back into the chair.

"I think that it was jealousy, yep, that's what I think."  he said knowingly.

Quickly Julia turns her face.

Paul sees his chance, reaches over and softly kisses her cheek. Surprising her, she turns and looks at him in surprise.

Meanwhile Jeanna had finished explaining that everything was a mistake, and Ramsey had worked everything out between Jeanna and Julia, and that Julia and Paul were out back working things out.  After that Jeanna and John headed for the kitchen to eat.

As Jeanna and John walked through the living room, Jeanna stopped and began to introduce John to Ramsey.

"John, I want you to meet Ramsey, and this is John."  she said.

"'Allo."  John says.

" 'Allo', oh, so you were the one on the phone huh?!"  Ramsey begins.

"An' what of it, Rumdumb?!"  John countered.

"Rumdumb?  I thought it was Crumbthumb."  Jeanna asked, confused.

"Dumbthumb!  He called me Dumbthumb?!"  Ramsey shouts with his temper beginning to rise once again.

"Oh, oh, oh, OK, so I guess you guys have met."  Jeanna says.

Ringo and George turn off the TV and begin to watch the new show.

"Met?!  He hung up on me and wouldn't let me talk to you!"  Ramsey exclaims.

"You tryin' to make some kinda point?"  John asks sarcastically.

"Oh, and he's a smart-ass too!"  Ramsey yells with his voice getting louder.

At this time Julia and Paul walk through the sliding glass door from the backyard, and try to figure out what's going on.

"Thank you."  John still being sarcastic.

"Jeanna, I'm about to really get pissed, I'm so serious!!!"  Ramsey says, beginning to stand up.

"What's goin' on?"  Paul asks.

"Ramsey is what's goin' on."  Julia replies.

"No, I don't think so, HE started it!"  Ramsey shouts, defending himself.

"Oooh he started it, eehh!!"  John says in a childlike voice, mocking Ramsey.

Ramsey then starts for John, and John puts up his fists.

"You wanna barney do ye?!"  John says ready to fight.

Jeanna then jumps between them yelling for help... "JULIA HELP ME, SOMEBODY PLEASE........YOU TWO CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!"  Jeanna screams hysterically.

Julia and Paul both rush over and try to keep them apart.

Ringo and George sit there laughing.

"Outta me way!!"  John demands.

"Let me at 'em!  I'm gonna kick his ass!"  Ramsey says trying to push through them while John hops around swinging his fists at Ramsey's face.

"John, get in the kitchen now!"  she shouts trying to push him into the kitchen.

"All right, all right, I'm goin'."  Turning to go into the kitchen he turns around one last time and says while waving his fist back and forth......

"Next time, I'll cripple ya!"  John says.

"Bring it now!"  Ramsey hollars.

"Ramsey, it's OK, let it go please."  Jeanna pleads.

Jeanna then turns and walks into the kitchen to see John already scarfing a sandwich.

"Your friend's kinda funny there."  he says with a laugh.

"I don't see what's so funny about that, you really made him mad."  Jeanna says.

"Yeah, I know, but it's the most fun I've had all weekend."  he adds.

"I didn't think it was fun!"  she exclaims.

"Come on luv, you know I was just getting him rowled."  he comments.

"Try and explain that to him."  she says.

"Well, forget it OK."  he says in between bites.

"All right, let's just avoid that next time, OK."  Jeanna says while searching the fridge.

"So luv, you and Paul friends now?"  He quickly changes the subject.

"Yeah, it's such a relief."  Jeanna sighs.

"I have to ask you a question."  John adds.

"What's that?"  Jeanna asks.

"Well, I heard about that letter you got, wanna know who it's from?"  John asks.

"Yeah....."  Answering curiously.


Interrupted quickly by the doorbell.

"You expecting anymore surprise visitors?"  he asks.

"No, but it sounds important."  Jeanna states.
"Let's go see who it is, and please behave this time."  she adds smiling.

Jeanna and John head out to the living room and find Brian walking in the door.

"I'm glad everyone's here together, I have an announcement."  he says with a shiver in his voice.

"Everyone needs to pack up their things ASAP, we are due to leave in an hour,"  he announces.

"Wha.....Why?"  John asks confused.

"Well, I have bad news, I have to say this as quickly as possible, George, your mother is in the hospital very ill.  I suggest you hurry and pack your things." Brian suggests.

George quickly runs to his room to pack.

"I'll help you, Paul, I already have my stuff in my suitcase."  Julia offered.

"Thanks luv."  he says.

Julia and Paul head to his room.  Ringo goes to his own room to pack.  Brian heads out to the car to make room.

"Well, we better get ready to leave."  Jeanna says sadly.

"We better hurry, huh?  Sorry luv, I know we were supposed to be here for a week, but.....sorry."  he says, feeling depressed.

"No time to chat better get ready." she says trying to be strong.

At that they both go to their rooms and before entering look back at each other and smile.

Meanwhile in Paul's room.....

"Thanks for helping me pack, luv."  he says.

"Anytime."  she replies with a smile.

"Wait, do you have a boyfriend?"  he asks suddenly.

"Umm, no...."  she answers.

"Who do you live with?"  he asks.

"Alone, I have an apartment."  she responds.

"Good!  Now you have a boyfriend......and you're coming with me!"  he demands.

"I what??  I can't---I have a rent to pay for."  She says depressingly.

"Luv, did you forget, I'm Paul McCartney, one of The Beatles, you have no bills, so your coming with me, unless you have another excuse."  he adds.

"I have to think about it, its mean it's so sudden."   she says.

"Yeah, that's understandable, sure you should have time to think..........Okay times up!!  What's yer answer?!!"  he exclaims.

  "Uh, yes...YES I CAN!"  she screams.

"Wait, what about my stuff at my apartment?"  she asks.

"You'll have new things, new anything you want!"  he replies, trying to convince her.

"ENGLAND HERE I COME!!!!!!"   Julia yells.

At this point they have finished packing and went out to the airport. Ramsey, Jeanna, and Julia rode in his car, following the limo.  They are saying their good-byes, while giving them each a hug.

"It was really fun Ringo, hopefully this won't be the last time I see you. George, I'll pray for your Mom, I hope she gets better soon, and I'll miss you."

Then looking to Paul, thinking about all that has happened, it makes her want to cry.  Standing next to Julia, they look so happy together.

"And Paul, I've found a really good friend in you, and you better take care of Julia, I'll be checking in on you two."

"John......"  Not able to finish, she begins to cry giving him a big hug.

"I'm sure we'll see each other again sometime luv......"  He says with tears in his eyes.

Jeanna smiles and wipes away her tears, but it was a useless effort, for the tears were flowing freely and were unstoppable.  She then turns and looks at Julia.

"Julia, I'm gonna miss you so much, but I'm so happy for you too.  Don't forget to write and call us all the time.  And when you feel like you've called too much, just call one more time."  Jeanna says with uncontrollable tears.

"You know I will."  Julia says just barely able to complete her sentence.

Now as Ramsey approaches Julia.....

"Well, I guess this is good-bye.  Oh and I guess our trio is separable after all."  He says hugging her trying to hide his tears.

Julia not able to speak just nods on the verge of beginning to sob.

"Come now, we have to be going."  Brian shouts from behind.

They all begin to head for the airplane as Jeanna and Ramsey are waving the whole time.  They all continue to walk backwards heading for the plane, waving.  When they are finally out of their sight, Jeanna and Ramsey head for the window to watch the plane take off.  As they see it start to taxi down the runway, Jeanna begins to sob.  She stands there pressed up against the window, sobbing until the plane has become just another star in the sky, then disappeared. Not being able to bring herself to leave, Jeanna just stares out the window with a blank look on her face, no more sobbing, just tears rolling down her cheeks with her eyes beginning to dry out. At this point Ramsey is no longer able to hold back his tears.

About 20 minutes later, Jeanna is still at the window, and Ramsey is sitting a few feet behind her.

"Jeanna, I have to run to the bathroom.  I'll be right back."  Ramsey says, sounding kinda strange.

Without even looking back, she just nods her head. Jeanna stands there thinking how this all felt like a dream and now turned into a nightmare.

Ramsey had returned to his spot, and sat there watching Jeanna and can feel her agony.

About an hour later, Ramsey persuades Jeanna to finally peel herself off the window, and head home.  The entire time walking to the car she had her head laid on Ramsey's shoulder dried out of tears.

"I never even got a chance to tell him how I felt......." Jeanna sniffles.

"You will, trust me,"  he assures with a smile.

Arriving at the car, Ramsey begins to open her door.

"'Allo luv!  Whatcha' lookin' so down fer?"  A mysterious voice says.

Jeanna just standing there shocked says....

"I...I...I....Wh-what are you doing here?"  she stutters.

"What's it look like, waitin' fer you, Ramsey put me out here about an hour ago."  he says.

Jeanna then turns and looks at Ramsey with a huge smile.

"But how did they let you stay here?"  she asks in amazement. "Well, a mature bird once told me that I could take a vacation anytime,

"What's the worst they can do, they won't fire you!"


I hope you liked it, it's my first book, but not my last.

Written by Jeanna. May not be reproduced without the permission of the author. Permission may be obtained by e-mail.

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