Out of Your Shell
Out of Your Shell
Written by Jeanna

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  Setting: Dallas, Texas
  Time: June 1966


Jeanna. 18 yrs. 5'5", long honey colored hair, blue eyes, average size (slightly athletic). She's kinda shy at first, then quite outspoken. She's the kinda person you love to love, and you hate to fight with, but you can't stop it when it comes to arguing. Favorite Beatle: John

Monique. 19 yrs. 5'4", shoulder length brunette, green eyes, half hispanic, very outgoing, she has a very hard shell, and no one can get beneath that, other than her best friend Jeanna. Deep down she's a very sweet girl, but no one can no that but people who she trusts. She's also quite thin, maybe fragile looking. She doesn't have a favorite Beatle!

Julia. 18 yrs. Jeanna's other best friend. 5'7" dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. Very mysterious, she never talks about her own problems, but everyone knows they're there. She's a very sweet girl, but she won't let anyone walk on her. You won't know she's mad, unless you know her. She, like Monique is hispanic.  She's the type that you would hate to be mad at you, beacause she's always nice to her friends. Favorite Beatle: Paul

Will. 21 yrs. Jeanna's x-boyfriend, he's a good looking guy, very smart, but for some reason, Jeanna broke up with him.  Personality wise, he's a lot like John Lennon. 

Peter. 20 yrs. Will's brother, he's the storyteller.  Always talking.  On the surface, he's a real macho guy. On the inside, he's real sweet, but only with his real friends. 

Nick. 19 yrs. Monique's boyfriend, kind of.  He is head over heels in love with her.  She's not so sure about him. He's ready to settle down, she on the other hand is not, but she doesn't want to hurt him. He's very sweet, but lets her walk all over him.

  This story is based around Jeanna. She is restless with her life. She's dying to do something different. She lives her boring life in 1966. As manager of a retail clothing store, there's not to much excitement in her life. At home she's a poet, singer, and composer. She's always wanted a chance to explore that, but in the small town of Lewisville, Texas, how can she? All this is about to change for her, when has a certain run in, with a certain Liverpudlian!

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