I Should've Known Better, Ch. 7 Chapter Seven

As we rode to the park, I could see some thunderclouds rolling in and feared a storm might come.

"I think it might rain." I said staring blankly out the passenger window.

"I hope not, frozen roads are the last thing we need." John replied.

As we pulled up to the park I noticed a few children playing tag, and remembered my innocent days of childhood now gone.

"So, what do you want to do now that were here?" I asked as we stepped out of the car into the chilly breeze biting at my nose.

"How about the swings!!" he replied as he grabbed my hand and ran over to the swing set.

"John, not so fast!!" I yelped in pain as he pulled me with him.

"Here, get on and I'll push you." he said smiling.

"I don't know, I'm not sure if I can trust you." I replied smirking.

"Harmony, that really hurts me." he said in mock seriousness.

"All right, fine, but not too high." I said as I plopped into the swing.

"See, this isn't too bad." he said.

"You're right." I replied.

Swinging at a moderate height, I felt the swing inching higher and higher every push.

"John!! Not too high I said." I cried panicky.

"Don't worry." he said nonchalantly.

Trying to stay calm, I closed my eyes, and suddenly in one swift movement I felt the swing spin around in swift sickening circles.

"John!! Stop the swing!" I yelled. Which got no response.

Wondering what was going on, as the swing slowed down I opened my eyes to find John nowhere to be found.

"John, come out. Where are you?" I called as I hopped off the swing.

Feeling slightly dizzy I steadied myself against a pole. When everything was clear I resumed to search for him again.

"John, please come out!" I called again, and again got no answer.

Looking for what felt like forever, I suddenly heard rustling in the tree above me. Looking up, I saw John sitting on a branch watching me.

"Have you been up there the whole time?" I asked fuming.

"Well, yeah." he answered almost in laughter.

"Come down from there right now!" I shouted.

"Oh, all right." he said as he climbed down the branches.

"Do you have any idea how worried I was?!" I roared, finally facing him.

"I thought you could have been hurt, or killed, or anything!" I continued.

"I'm sorry, I never realized how much you cared!" he replied jokingly.

"Get over yourself, I care just as much for you as I do for any other human." I spat while turning to walk away.

"Where you goin'?" he asked innocently.

"I need to get home, do you want a ride?" I asked, being fairly generous.

"Well, I suppose." he answered.

As we jumped in the car, I sped off and started thinking about what to tell my Mom about my condition. What explanation could I possibly have for looking the way I do. As we once again pulled up to the hotel, I didn't know what to say.

"See ya," I said trying to sound calm.

"Thanks for the ride, maybe I'll see ya around." he replied.

"Yeah, maybe. Oh, and tell Paul I said hi." I concluded.

"OK, I sure will." he said while his face turned oddly sour.

Then, he just walked away. I watched him go, I don't know why, but I just couldn't drive off. I sat there until he was out of sight, and then I still sat there. Deciding that I could tell my Mom I fell down some stairs, I nervously drove home.

As I pulled into the drive, I noticed my Dad's car was gone, as usual he was probably working. Walking into the house the first thing I noticed was the smell of fresh baked cookies, one of my Mom's specialties, and one of my favorites.

Trying to sneak in the kitchen unnoticed, I tiptoed over to the cookies and snatched one. Just as I was about to enjoy the treat, my sister barged in the room.

"Sissy!! What happened to you?!" she shouted in shock.

"Well, I uh." Cut off quickly by my Mom walking in the room.

"What's all this shouting? Harmony! What happened to you?!" she asked while rushing over to me.

"I...uh...fell down some stairs." I replied very nervously, I could feel her detecting the lie. That's how mothers work, they are the most intimidating people in the world.

"Harmony, were you drinking? How many times did I warn you about getting drunk, you see where this gets you?!" she shouted.

"Mom, I don't want to talk about this, it's not because I was drinking!" I said in defense to myself.

"Oh, and how can I trust your word?! How many times have you lied about this before?!" she shouted at me.

"MOM, I don't want to talk about this right now. I'm outta here." I said while grabbing my keys and slamming the front door behind me.

She is so naggy, why does she have to be so annoying? I asked myself as I jumped in my car.

Not knowing what to do, I headed to the only place I could think of to go to....The Tavern.

As I pulled in the parking lot, I could see the alley from where I was sitting, it gave me a bone chilling sickness in the pit of my stomach.

Trying to keep that off my mind, I readied myself, and headed into the bar.

Trying to act like this was any other night, I walked in and took my usual table. To my surprise, there was someone there I hadn't expected. Not knowing how to react, I waited for him to come to me.

"Hey John." I said as he approached my table.

"Hey, what are you doing here, I didn't think you'd wanna be here after, well you know." he said.

"I didn't really, but I had to get out of my house." I replied.

"Well, then, do you mind if I sit with you?" he asked.

"Sure, why not." I answered smiling.

"So, you forgive me for this afternoon?" he asked sadly.

"Sure, I guess so, but don't let it happen again." I said sternly while pointing my finger at him.

After a few drinks we were having a pretty good time, laughing and talking. Then it took a serious turn.

"What the hell is that guy staring at? I've noticed that for the last twenty minutes." John said agitated.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Him." he said while pointing to the bar to a man that had been staring at me.

"He's really starting to cheese me off." John said in an angry tone.

"Why?" I replied.

"Because, I don't know. Is he the one?" he asked me.

"No, he's not the one John." I answered.

"Well, you tell me if that bastard comes in." he replied.

"Whatever." I said.

"I'm gonna say something to this jerk." he snapped.

"John, don't say anything." I reasoned while grabbing his arm and pulling him back into his chair.

"Well, why the hell not?!" he countered.

"Please, John, let's just get out of here." I said.

"Yeah, you, what the hell are you staring at?!" he shouted across the bar to the man.

"Come on, John." I said while pulling him towards the front door.

"Harmony, you're gonna have to get your friend out of here." Harry the bartender said to me.

"Come on, John, we have to leave." I said while trying to get his attention as he argued back and forth with the man.

Suddenly I felt him out of my grip, when I looked over, all I saw was him diving onto the guy and punching him.

"JOHN!! GET UP! Come on, we're leaving." I shouted while pulling him up.

Successfully getting him to listen, he finally dragged himself up, and out of the bar.

"I can't believe you did that." I said to him as I unlocked the car doors.

"He shouldn't have been staring like that." he said.

"Why does it matter? You still shouldn't have hit him, why would you do that?" I returned.

"Because I did it for you. Because, I didn't like him staring at you." he replied.

Not knowing what to make of this, I just got in the car, and drove. Before we even arrived at the hotel, John was passed out in the passenger seat snoring.

"John, John." I said shaking him trying to wake him up.

"Yeah, wha, what is it?" he asked, half-awake.

"We're here." I replied.

"Well, why aren't we parked?" he asked.

"Because I have to get home." I answered tiredly.

"You can't leave, it's too late for you to be driving by yourself, you need to stay here tonight." he pleaded sincerely.

After sitting and thinking, realizing how tired and drunk I was, I decided to take up the offer.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" I asked to be sure.

"Of course, I insist." he replied.

"Well, okay." I finally gave in.

At that moment, I knew that I had to stop spending this much time with John, I was starting to like him too much, to the point where I knew I needed to break away from him.

Chapter Eight

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