The Beatles Story, Chapter Two
Chapter Two

The boys became the best of friends,
And songs began to grow
While they sagged off school to write and play-
(Against the rules, you know.)

But still they had no lead guitar
Until a smaller George - of Speke
Followed Paul (the second) all around
Day and night throughout the week.

“Alright,” they said, “We’ll let you in,
It’s the least that we can do.”
“But he can play B7!” Johnny said,
“Oh, bloody hell, that’s true!”

And then a drummer came and went
None better than the rest,
‘Cept a moody one who fit the group,
And his name was Pete Best.

Well, there’s a group in transit
But as I said before
This is but the beginning
And as of yet there’s more.

Chapter Three

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