The Beatles Story, Chapter 1
Chapter One

Once upon a far-off time,
In a country far away,
Two boys met while playing
At a village fete one day.

Said the first unto the other,
“With me come please and go”
The other thought unto himself,
“That’s not the song I know.”

So he went up to the little boy
Who fancied himself a Ted
“These are all the chords I know”
The rebel-rouser said,

“I have a plan to make it big,
One of these days you see,
And yet there’s only one of us,
Would you come with me?”

And there we have half of a group,
But the first incarnation only,
It’s going to be a long while yet
Before the nights get lonely.

Chapter Two

Written by the Walrus. May not be reproduced in any form, by any means, without the permission of the author. Permission may be obtained by e-mail.

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