Chapter Six

"Thank heavens!"

Lena falls into the comfortable queen size bed after she washes her face, brushes her face and changes into the polka dot pajamas. Now, lying leisurely in bed, she resolves not to tell Paul or anyone else in England the truth. She can't tell them their futures and she definitely can't tell them that she is from the year 2000. Everything happens for a reason…right?

"Good grief," Lena states groggily. She tosses and turns in the big, soft bed. Lena has always been an insomniac, but this was not the time for it to happen. She shuts her eyes and counts backward from one hundred; she lies silently in a yoga centering position, and finally turns on the television. In America in the year 2000, there wasn't anything on at three in the morning. So, why was she expecting so much from the BBC in 1966? Lena results in just lying there and drifting in and out of sleep.

"BBBBRRRANGGGGGG!" Lena jumps out of bed and shrieks. The phone was jangling off the hook.

"Damn bloody phone," Lena hisses in a disgruntled tone. It was her nine o'clock wake up call. She rises and walks to the bathroom to begin her morning ritual. She decides to wear the green skirt and white shirt, because it seems to be a bit chilly outside. She twists the front ends of her hair and binds them in the back, leaving the rest loose and hanging at her waist.

She grabs her peacoat and walks down the stairs (she hates being on elevators by herself) to the lobby. She sits in an overstuffed chair and waits for Pattie and Maureen. She reaches her hand in her pocket and finds her room key and the wad of money. To her it looks like a lot, but maybe to the English it wasn't.

As Lena places the money back into her pocket, she spies Pattie and Maureen walking through the enormous glass doors. Pattie looks thoroughly mod in a dress that resembles an orange explosion and big, black boots. As for Maureen, she looks a bit like Jackie Kennedy minus the pillbox hat.

Lena stands to greet them, "Hello girls. Having a good morning?"

Pattie smiles and nods as Maureen says, "Quite good, Lena. So where do you want to go first?"

Lena shrugs, "Well, I don't have any specifics, but I would like to get a few things. Mainly, something for dinner tonight."

Pattie's face is transformed by a curious smile, "Well, Lena! You have a date tonight! May I ask with who?"

Lena knows that look, "First of all it isn't a date. I need new clothes because all I have is four shirts, three skirts, a pair of jeans and shoes. I have nothing to wear that is dressy enough for dinner. And if you must know I'm going with Paul."

Pattie grins knowingly, "I knew it!"

Maureen takes Lena by the arm and says, "Come 'ead. Pay no mind to Pattie. I know a wonderful little shop with oodles of dresses." Maureen, Pattie and Lena walk down the street to the shop that Maureen was raving about. Lena cringes at some of the dresses; fluorescent pink, polyester, horrendous plaid and polkadots. These sights are truly frightening.

Maureen brings Lena suits. Pant suits and skirt suits, all in yellow or bright orange. Lena takes them, but has no intention of buying them. She browses the racks while Pattie tries on various dresses. That is when Lena sees it. On a rack facing away from the window, is a dress. It is dark green with a square neck and empire waist. The skirt is satin with a sheer layer of green film and the sleeves flare out with the filmy material at the wrists. Lena rushes over to the rack and picks it up. This is something that Stevie Nicks would wear and that Lena could only dream in the deep recesses of her mind. She checks the tag inside. It is her size.

Maureen spies Lena near the window and scurries to her side, "Oh Lena! It's absolutely amazing. You know I have come here about three times this week and I have never seen it. It is almost like it was meant for you."

Lena hugs the hanger to her chest and realizes that Maureen had pinned it exactly. This dress was indeed meant for her. The dress was no accident or coincidence. Lena doesn't usually believe in fate; that was something for hopeless romantics. Not realists like Anna Magdalena McGaughey.

"Lena, you have to buy it! It's simply fab!" Pattie approaches her, "You know, Paul will love it!"

Lena blushes fervently, "Pattie, hmm-if Paul wants a dress, this isn't it. It isn't his color and it is definitely not his size." Lena smiles proudly and walks to the counter.

Pattie smirks, shakes her head then says, "You know I'm right, Lena McGaughey."

Lena ignores her and waltzes up to the salesgirl, "I'll take it."

Maureen hurries to Lena's side, "Aren't you going to try it on?"

Lena turns to Maureen and shakes her head, "No. It's my size. It's like you said. It is meant for me." Lena pays for it and still has quite a bit of money left over; at least, she thinks so.

Four hours later, Lena and "the professionals" walk to Lena's hotel. Lena still has money left, and she was still not sure approximately how much. She was kind of embarrassed to ask Pattie and Maureen for fear they'd think she was just another daft American.

Besides the dress, Lena bought two pairs of shoes, black dress shoes and a black pair of sneakers. Lena bought a rag purse at a swank little shop and a green and purple scarf to tie in her hair. Pattie and Maureen, on the other hand, bought everything.

"Well, Lena. Have a good time tonight," Maureen says demurely.

Pattie chuckles, "Don't worry, Maureen. She will."

Lena was too tired to protest with Pattie, "I'll try. Thanks for coming with me. Your insight was, uh, helpful. I'll call you later." Lena gives a little wave and walks upstairs. She enters the room and throws everything on the bed, including herself.

That Pattie sure likes to insinuate. Lena rises and walks to the bathroom to begin "dolling up" for the night.

Lena reminds herself that nothing can come of this night. She was just going to hang out with her hero; that's all. After her shower, she applied her makeup and loaded the essentials into her new purse. At 6:30 p.m. Lena paces and paces. She runs into the bathroom for one last glance in the mirror and adjusts the scarf, now converted into a headband tied securely and hanging down her back.

"I'll be okay," she looks deeply into her own green eyes, searching for some hint of understanding. She smooths the gossamer of her dress and decides to put her coat on in advance. The less Paul McCartney touches her, the better. As Lena buttons her peacoat, there is a knock on her door.

Lena grabs her purse and exhales as she turns the doorknob. Paul stands there radiant in a gray suit and tie. Lena stops, stunned by the sight on her doorstep. Lena manages to produce a rather shy "Hi."

Paul grins, "Hullo, Lena. Are you ready to see London, luv?"

She paints on a Mona Lisa smile and chuckles slightly, "I suppose so. I am curious, however, as to where we might be going first?" Lena eyes Paul innocently as she locks the door.

Paul takes on a rather upper-crust mimic, "Well, m'lady, we have dinner reservations at 7:30 and then off to see the sights of Londontown." He offers his arm to her in a grand gesture. Lena gazes at this arm, that wonderful arm. She reaches for it hesitantly, trying desperately not to seem uncomfortable.

Lena smiles brilliantly, "I'm ready. Let's go!" Paul leads Lena away to the elevator, both marching merrily.

Chapter Seven

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