This is just a normal swipe only with your legs kept cross, hard to get momentum though if u don't do it from a 6 step:

One way of doing this:

1) Sit so that you r in a crab position.
2) Now cross your right leg under your left.
3) Swing as hard as you can, your right hand over to your left side but shoulder width apart.
4) Then lift your left leg to the left and kick that same leg more with your right leg. u actually have to *kick* the bottom of your left leg with your right in order to get momentum.
5) Then when you cross over u should land with your legs the same way u started and your arms and upper body facing the ground.

Hints: Do this when you're doing a six step, it's easier to get height with the momentum from the second step.

Add variations of swipes in sequence(ex. x swipe-air swipe- baby swurls.etc) Easy to go back into a six step.