The Easy Way:

Change RIGHT TO LEFT for everything

First, put you right arm in your gut like a turtle. Now you should be on the ground with your right arm in your gut. Your left arm is near your head but on the ground. Then lift your right foot of the ground (just lift it and don't kick it up). Then lift your left leg up higher than the right on. Your legs should be off the ground and spread. Now you want to collapse on your shoulder smoothly. I find that if you push off to where you want to mill your shoulder will not mash against the floor. As you push off (do not push up but to the side) kick your right leg under and keep your right arm in your gut as you go around. Kick the left leg back when your are near your stomach this way you will go on your back faster. Once you get this you will start to mill faster and easier. I have been doing this way of starting mills for about 2 1/2 weeks and the most I've done is 6 so...this is the most easiest way.

The Hard Way:

1) Sit down on the floor.
2) Lean back on your right arm, resting on the elbow.
3) Bend your left leg at the knee.
4) Keep right leg out straight, pointing to your right.
5) Have your left arm touching the floor just by your right side.
6) Make sure your left ELBOW is firmly touching your lower stomach.
7) Swing your left leg way up, and your right leg straight around to the left so that it goes up and UNDER your LEFT leg, and turn your head to the right. Your hips shoulad have entirely left the floor.
8) You should now be in this position: the LEFT SIDE side of your head is touching the floor, your body is parallel with the floor, legs spread apart, held up entirely by your left arm, palm on the floor, elbow in gut, supporting your weight. Your right hand can help a little with your weight, but keep the right arm close to your body. Basically, the only things touching the ground at this moment in time are the left side of your head and your left palm, which points left. Remember to keep your legs spread wide apart, straight, and that your left elbow pressing into your gut is propping up your whole body, resting the weight on the left hand.
9) Now, lower your left shoulder to the ground and then you should roll onto the back of your shoulders, your face looking up at the ceiling, your legs spread out in the air. Nothing else should touch the ground. To acheive this your legs must have rotated since the previous step, your hips the pivot, like a compass. Remember this.
10) So, you are resting on the back of your shoulders, facing up, legs spread. Now, whip your body so that you swing over to your right side. Now your legs should still be spread, but ONLY the RIGHT side of your head and your right shoulder should be touching the floor. Try to keep your cheekbone off the floor- it will bruise. NOTHING else should touch, you are diagonal to the floor, head down, legs up and spread. Now swing your hips around counter- clockwise a little more so that you can stab your left elbow into your gut again. Roll across your forehead from the RIGHT side of your head to the LEFT side, so you are ready to move onto your left shoulder and spin around again as before. Once your momentum is going, it is not difficult.

Different kinds of Windmills:

Nutcrackers : Windmills with you're hands "grabbing" you're nuts, balls whateva...

Sumos : Windmills with you're hands on you're knees like a sumowrestler gettin' down

Handcuffs : Windmills with you're hands behind you're back

Confusion : Windmills with you're palms on you're ears and elbows out to the sides like a chick would be screaming or

Coffins : Windmills with you're legs sort of curled...No hands

Cannonballs : Windmills in a sort of position that you would be when jumping a cannonball in the water

Eggbeaters : Windmills with you're hands just grabbing you're hips

Halos : Windmills with out you're back