Wall Flip

This sounds like one hell of an advanced move to me, so if be careful out there kids and practice this one on the soft surface like GRASS also you need some people on your side. To me right now I don't need anyone anymore, I could handle on my own.

I'm sure that everybody always been fantasized doin' backflip off the wall in their mind, but they couldn't do it in reality cause they scared they might get hurt or break theirs neck.. The best way to let your imagination going into reality, you need someone is really strong that they could support or lift you up or spot you while you doin' backflip off the wall, when you doin' this you must get rid of fears and doubt in your mind, all you have to do is trust your friend! that they could lift you up if you fall down.

Here is one mistake people always trying to do wall backflip is that they tried to run really fast and clamed up to the wall, of course the gravity will forces you down, so then they QUIT! Cuz it really impossible to flip off a wall.

Here is How To Do It: Run full speed and your body will carries momentum goin' with you, first step your body about horizontal and second step you kick really hard toward the wall and your body will lift over.
Here is how to do....

1) You need to know is that what legs you wanna run up to the wall first, depend on which legs you feel comfort for you, to me left leg first and right leg second.
2) Run full speed... left leg step toward the wall your body should be almost horizontal.
3) Right leg steps on the wall and kick to the wall real hard and lift yourself over.