These moves are just variations of the Turtle or float.


Air Turtles - arms must be straight, hands placed shoulder width apart, legs must be bent and curled behind you ! Try to walk in circles to really make it look better !

Buttwalks - arms must be straight, your hands must be shoulder width apart, your body bent in an L position wit legs in front of you. It's meant to look like a floating buttspin If you spin around!

Merry Go Rounds - just like an Air Turtle, but your body must be straight and your legs split apart and straight. try and keep your toes pointed ! It's much harder to walk with your legs straight in the Merry Go Rounds , so let your legs give you a really strong initial whip that will give you momentum ! It's basically up to your hands!

V Walks - Your arms must always be straight, hands shoulder width apart, legs again straight and split, and your hands are placed between your legs (Your legs should rest against your forearms).

Pig Walks - These are just like the V Walks but this time one arm is inside the legs and one on the outside of the legs ! To make this look better walk around in a straight line then go straight into a spin if you feel lucky!

Their are so many different types of variations of walks and turtles. Try making a few up yourself to really impress some people!
See ya gotta go breakin' Bye from Piglet !!!!!!!!!!