Trip Swipe

Da next move is a lil' footwork thang.... It's extremely easy.....You should master it in a day (if you get these instructions).

1) You start this move like you would start helicopters/coffee grinders: crouch on da floor and put you're right leg straight and to you're right. You're hands are in front of you and so is you're weight.
2) Now you start to swing you're right (straight) leg in a circular motion just like in da helicopter. So when you're leg is about to hit you're right arm, you lift it (just like in da helicopter) and da same thing wit you're left arm (just like in da helicopter).
3) Here comes da tricky part which is pretty hard to explain.... When you're right leg comes close to you're left one, you basically jump you're left leg up. Now instead of just jumping and letting da leg go under and begin again you do this : Now you're both legs are a lil' bit in da air and da weight on yo hands. Now in da very brief moment that you're legs are in da air, you swipe 'em and lift you're right hand off da ground. And you land is this position : weight and hands behind you, right leg BENT and foot flat on da floor and left leg STRAIGHT, heel on da floor. In da swipe part you will probably hit you're right knee around you're right elbow da first couple of times.....