1) First you get in a position like you were gonna do a bridge (on all fours with stomach facing the ceiling).
2) Next you lift your left hand up and kick into the air with your left foot.
3) This should bring you into the air so do the same with your right side.
4) Then land with your left hand and leg, and next your right hand and leg.

This looks really cool when it is done right

Baby Swipes

(Going to the right)

1) Put your left foot up while u are in a bridge like position and jump with your right foot.
2) Throw your left under your right u should do a mini twist.

Air Swipe

Start from the top do a half flare and kick your left high in the air while your right should through too u should land on your left with your right up do more by twisting your arms fast towards the foot u have up.