Superman Windmill

Alight listen up all ya'll B Boyz & Gurlz!!! U'm a try ta explain ya'll how to do the Superman Windmill. Personally I think this is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier than tha windmill... aiight let's start then!!

1) Go sit on the floor and put yo feet in a 90 degree angle wit yo right leg bent on the right side and you're left leg straight forward.
2) Kick yo RIGHT leg ahead like you would do when you're kickin' yoself to a backspin. Right after you kick yo RIGHT leg just go to lean on you're left side wit yo left hand. You're leg should do like a half circle sort of a move.
3) After you're RIGHT leg has passed you're LEFT leg you're legs should like PULL you're lover body off tha floor (if you kick hard enough).
4) So now you should roll over from you're LEFT shoulder on you're back. Then spin on you're back just for a little bit...not too much or it will look kinda goofy...but don't pull you're legs in.
5) Then from you're back lean to you're right and roll on to you're right shoulder. Then you should be on you're stomach...but keep you're legs up and OPEN!! You're legs should not touch tha ground. And you're arms should be in front of you!! NOT under but IN FRONT OF YOU!!! At all times!! REMEMBER!!! YOU'RE LEGS NEED TO BE OPEN AT ALL TIMES!!!
6) Then just kick you're right leg over you're left one and repeat this same thang ova and ova again!!!

Remember this needs practice!! Took me 'bout a month to learn it...if you can't do the backspin you probably can't do this move either!!