10 steps to suicide freedom:

These are for jumping back and landing on your back. Step 10 is for flippin I'm not responsible for your injuries, These instructions try to make it as injury free as possible!!

1) Crouch down real low, and cross arms over chest, then ROLL back so that your butt/lower back hit the floor. Then keep on rolling till the middle of the back hits the floor. As you roll, lift your legs up so your body is about 90 degrees or less in angle (L-shape). At that time Slap the floor with your hands hard. Not TOO hard. Keep arms straight and locked. DON'T let your forearms hit first, HANDS ARMS HIT TOGETHER. Hitting the floor breaks the fall. It may take awhile but you'll get it.
2) Now start out crouching JUST like step one, and instead of just falling down and rolling onto your back, hop onto your butt, THEN roll back as usual. Keep chin close to chest to protect head, legs up in L-Shape with body, slap floor hard. Remember, if its too hard, go to step one, then step two. Make sure you got step two down before three.
3) Same old start position, arms over chest, crouchdown, ready to go. Now Hop even HIGHER maybe about 6 inches or a foot. Land on lower back/upper butt and roll back and slap floor. Legs up, chin to chest, always slap floor. Get three down before four.
4) Same old start position, now this time Kick your legs UP in to the air as if somebody tripped you from behind, and land FLAT on your back. Don't curl your back (you'll break your spine), SLAP floor HARD, Chin to chest, legs up. Remember if this is too hard, try step three. If you are confident for step five, go on!
5) Same start position. Now this time hop up, then Kick legs up, you should be about a foot to 6 inches off the floor, Land on FLAT on back (you know the routine) Legs up, chin to chest, slap floor hard ETC. Ready for step six? then go on.
6) Now this is pretty hard, same start position now jump pretty high, maybe 2 feet to 6 inches (that's how far our back is from the floor) and land FLAT on your back! slap floor hard as you land to break fall, if you land on hands first, it won't look as impressive. MAKE sure you have step six before step seven.
7) Now new start position, Bend knees till finger tips touch ground, then cross arms over chest. Then jump about a foot, and land flat on back slapping floor as you land. Legs up, chin to chest, back flat!!! This is pretty dangerous, so go to step six or five before even thinking about trying this.
8) Same thing as step seven except Jump higher, 2 feet to 2 feet 6 inches.
9) New start position, bend knees till fingers reach middle of calves. Then jump about 3 feet (3 feet is how far your back is from the floor) and land FLAT on your back. Slap floors, ETC. The closer your legs are to your body, the easier the fall.
10) Almost there!! Now bend knees ever so slightly, and Jump two feet less than your height. SO if you are 6 feet, jump four feet about the ground. (four feet from your back to the floor) gotta slap the floor HARD with your WHOLE arm this time!!! remember, goto eight or seven if you have trouble with nine. REMEMBER: this is what I call a mini suicide, what I REALLY think a suicide is, is step ten. Read on if you wanna learn a cooler suicide.
11) WHEW you made it! now this time, we'll add a little flip to our suicide. Now all you gotta do is front somersault in the air, and land FLAT on your back. But this time, legs hit the floor (anyway you want really). You may use your arms when flipping (NOT when falling) but it looks better to flip without arms. The higher the better. When entering the dance ring, DIVE into the middle of the circle, then flip in mid-air and suicide. It will impress people.

To mix suicides with other moves read below:

Flare: Go into flare, when legs are in front of ya inna V-Shape, kick them back, and mini-suicide.

Six Step: Do a six step, then when your legs are in push up position, do a small SOMERSAULT to suicide.

Six step.B: Do a six step, when your legs are in front of you, jump back to suicide.

Windmill (YEAH, windmill!!): start windmill, when legs are in front of ya and ya on, on your back, kip up and suicide back.

Another way to prepare for suicides.

Step 1: Start by using a queen sized bed, flipping on your back FLAT to help gain confidence and to make sure you can flip right.
Step 2: When you feel you accomplished Step 1, start off training your back by doing handstands and landing FLAT on your back. Keep doing this until you don't feel pain doing that anymore.
Step 3: Practice Step 4, but a little more height.
Step 4: Gradually practice this with more height as you get used to it.
Step 5: (You might want to practice flipping again with a queen or king sized mattress before trying it on grass or the beach sand) Do the flip and land FLAT on your back.
Step 6: If you feel comfortable doing Step 5, you can start suiciding.

I really didn't get seriously hurt training for a suicide. The most painful moment when practicing was when I started off on Step 2 for my first time and did it correctly, but it hurt my back a little. Peace.

P.S. If you flip too much, you will land on your ass or do a full flip and land on your feet. If you don't spin enough in your flip, you will land on your head and do a REAL suicide and die or if your lucky, do a headspin and REALLY impress others.