Silly Step

Check out the 2-Step which is basically the same move.

Ok this move is called the Silly Step, its a little something I made up trying to figure out six step, I do it during six step or whatever to spice it up. This was the first way I did six step so it sounds a bit like it. If you can helicopter/ coffee grind you can do this, its real easy.

1) First get in like a push up position.
2) Lift up your right hand and stick your left leg where your right hand used to be.
3) Bend your left leg and then swing your right leg around it, lift up your left hand to let the leg go under and put down your right arm to balance yourself.
4) If you do it right it should look like a helicopter but using your hands, you can move in a circle or keep facing the same way while you do it, its up to you.