Wassup ya'l!! I figured most of you know what scorpions are already but they aren't on the moves page so I thought I'd write it up.

1) Make sure you can stay in the turtle position with nearly no effort and make sure your turtles are decent...Practice arm strength.
2) What you do is get in tha turtle position and move you hands very rapidly forward, one after another, so you start to move ahead. It's kinda like walking on your hands except this is in the turtle position not in a handstand...
3) You MUST move your hands very quickly because with each step you take with one hand you won't go very far at all. Also, remember you're supposed to walk straight forward, NOT in a circle/figure-8 like a turtle.

This move is difficult at first, but you should get it after a lil practice. It can be used for a number of things such as getting back to the middle of the circle if you start to drift to the edge... hope thiz helped!