Dis Move is called rolls or rogerwheels and is sorta a rendition of the master swipe, n e way here goes.

1) Get so that you're on all fours, or in the crab position.
2) Now take your right hand and throw it over to your left side. You're upper body should be twisting a bit.
3) When your right hand is securely on your left side make sure that your hands are the same width apart that you would do a handstand in.
4) Now lift your right leg off the ground, and kick up into a handstand, with you're legs bent and then jump off of your hands and back onto the ground in the crab position.
5) At the same time, your body should be twisting like a swipe.
6) Now repeat the steps, except when you are in the air and on your hands, spread your legs as far as they will go and then bring them back in to land in the crab position.

This move isn't that hard, it will come with time and practice, but once you get it goin' it looks very nice.