Omega Bomb

This move is called the Omega Bomb, I named after myself because I invented it. It is a hybrid between a kip-up, front flip, and suicide. (this move requires a lot of upper body strength and can be pretty dangerous if you don't push-off hard enough) so make sure you can do a kip up no prob and knowing how to do a front hand spring is a bonus.

1) Practice doing kip-ups . Trying each time to push yourself past your feet (so your feet don't hit the floor)so that you land in a pushup position.
2) Keep practicing this until you can do it every time.each time trying to put more and more weight on your hands. and trying to keep your feet from hitting the ground.
3) Ok now that you can do this you should start doing kip-ups to your hands, so that you can end them in a handstand. Note: at this point you can push off with your left hand and go into a 1990, 2000, etc......)
4) From here you should then push off with both hands and land with your feet about shoulder width apart in a crab position.continue to practice these steps in rapid succession until you have in down stone cold!!!
5) This is where it gets crazy!! from the kip-up(step1) your going to push off as hard as you can so that you spring off your hands(past your feet) on to your hands again (handstand) then push off again landing flat on your back in a suicide. If you keep practicing you can learn to "skip" your hands (handstand) and land in a suicide from a kip-up.