Also known as the K-Kick.

1) First, stand up position with your legz shoulder length spread apart.
2) From this position draw a circle with your whole arm, and while you are doing this, bring your right foot beside your left foot.
3) Right after you draw a circle, bring your right hand where your right foot used to be and jump with your left foot to the side. Remember to put your hand on the ground first and than kick your legz up. left leg first and than the right one.
4) So now you should be holding all your weight on your right hand with your legz on the air, spread apart very widely. You should bend your waist a bit too. Your right leg should be bent so that your legz will look like a Nike sign.

Tip: If you don't get this move, just think of Nike sign and try to make you legz look like that sigh following these description. And you should be very flexible to do this move.