Mini Mill Get Up

How To Do a Mini 'Mill Get Up

Aiighteo... here's a phat little move I haven't seen written anywhere on the Net. I'll call It the Mini 'Mill Get Up coz that's what it is... It looks like a variation start of a windmill... It serves as a get up move like the Kip-Up and is a better looking than the Kip-Up!!!

You should use it to get up after a freeze that makes you land on the side or something... This moves gonna be a little difficult to explain so bear with me.

1) Start out in the crab soccer position (palms should be out to their respective sides eg. left arm = palm to left side and legs out, knees bent).
2) Collapse your LEFT knee and place it on the floor (so your whole LEFT leg and knee is now on the floor) and put your RIGHT leg OVER and on top of your LEFT knee (so your RIGHT leg is outstretched and touching your LEFT bent knee) your RIGHT arm should be in the air and your LEFT arm should be behind you and bent at the elbow (from your elbow to your hand should be touching the floor and supporting your body).
3) Pull your LEFT elbow off the floor at the SAME time kicking your pointed RIGHT leg in a counter-clockwise arc to your RIGHT. When your RIGHT leg is going to the RIGHT side and high up in the air. Roll onto your upper-back and follow your RIGHT leg with your LEFT leg kicking it out and making it straight (should look like a stretched "V" position) both legs should be straight!
4) Roll on your upper-back to your RIGHT shoulder and lean your body to your RIGHT. When the momentum has taken you to the RIGHT side, plant your RIGHT elbow on the floor and your LEFT palm also supporting yourself.
5) Push yourself up with your supporting elbow and palm and you should try and land in a kind of push up position... be careful your toes might kind of hurt when you come down!

If you don't get any momentum for this move it will look dumb and won't work. When rolling on your right shoulder try not to slam your head on the ground violently. anyways keep practicing.