Mini Flare

All right all of ya breakdancerz!! I'll try to explain ya'll how to do the Mini Flare.

The Mini Flare is like half a flare you do in the middle of you're six step and MUCH easier than the flare...but for some reason people seem to be more impressed my the mini flare... so here we go!!

1) Start from the push up position or where ever you start to do you're six step.
2) Do a six step or three to get some speed & smoother motion. Now as you start you're second (third or fourth) six step you begin the mini flare on step TWO of the six step.
3) So when you start the second step don't lock you're right leg on the back on you're left knee!! Just kick you're right leg "over" it like you would do when goin' to a backspin except this time you're weight stays on you're hands.
4) As you kick you're right leg it should draw like a half circle and if you kick hard enough you're right leg should basically pull you're left leg with it.
5) So now both you're feet are up in the air, weight on you're hands and you're legs should be in a V like position (wide open & pretty straight). Remember you won't be in this position long so you don't have to worry much about arm strength.
6) Now the power of the first kick should bring you a lil' to the left and you should land in the same position you would be in the six step's step 4. Be careful wit the landing part 'cos it's easy to hurt you're leg comin' down so hard!!!

So there ya have it! Hope it was helpful to you!! It doesn't take very long to learn this move... I've been breakin' for about a year now and it took me 'bout a week to get this down...