Master Swipe

This is how to do the true Master Swipe. Okay you should be able to do the swipe, one-legged swipe, the flight swipe and the air-swipe. Recap-Swipe-on all fours in crab position. Twist to the side and land in same position. Legs go after and faster than your arms.One-legged-swipe with one leg in the air. If you turn to the left, your left leg should be up.Flight swipe-swipe with only one hand, if going to the left use your right. Air-swipe-Start standing then jump back and swipe. Finish standing or in swipe pos.

Okay, now for the Master Swipe. Start standing up. I'm gonna explain going to the left. Lean as far back as possible. Now lift your left leg and bring your knee to the middle of your ++RiB++cAgE++. Your shin should be parallel to the floor. Now you should be able to lean farther. Try to lean so far that your whole body gets parallel. You shouldn't be able to, unless your a weird freak. Now put both arms on your right side. Now whip them back to the left and at the same time sink lower to the floor so that your left hand can touch. But your legs should still be in the same position. As your right hand goes down to the ground your legs should start to swing also. You have to jump as high as possible or else your going to hurt your feet very badly. Now both of your hands are touching the ground and your legs and body are swinging around. Go with the momentum and bring your left hand off at the same speed and time as your legs. This should come naturally. Your right foot should hit the ground and then your left arm should swing around in a circular motion and touch the ground. These are very sweet power moves.

Tips on Learning Master Swipes. Try it from the normal swipe position first. Jump really high and kick your left leg into the air then swipe around it. It is a lot easier. Try working on your balance and how you lower your hands to the floor.

Variations in getting into them. I've seen this a lot, walk into the circle then kick your leg and Master Swipe. Of course I've seen someone swipe, one-legged swipe and air swipe to them. I've seen someone crab to them. I've seen someone flare to them. I've seen someone windmill to them. I've seen someone worm to them.And I've seen someone headspin to them.