Also known as: BackSaultSuicide

This sounds like one hell of an advanced move to me, so if be careful out there kids and practice this one on a soft surface like a big foam mat.

This is a basic backflip without landing on your feet. You do all the motions of a backflip but hold your knees to your chest just a little longer. If it is timed right, you will open a little late and let your feet just miss the ground as you rotate to your back.

Try to keep a hollow position when landing on your back so that nothing touches at first contact but a little bit of your lower back. This looks nice when you hold your arms straight against your side.

Because of the arms, it is also called a "popsickle bomb" by some of my pals. Once you are on your back and finished with the move, you can do almost any move to get back to your feet. I do a backspin, to windmill, to freeze, to handstand.

The ultimate cool with this move is to keep moving as soon as you hit the ground. This leaves the croud awe struck and a little overwhealmed.

Tips: This move must be learned on a mattress or mat before being done on a normal floor. When it is done on a normal floor keep the back as round as you can and keep your entire body tense upon landing.

If you want to look really good, try my move. It is called the barrel bomb and is the same move only it turns faster and opens parrallel to the ground while still pretty high up. This give enough time to spin in mid air while staying horizontal.

Spinning half way and turning to your stomach is convenient because you can catch yourself with your hands. Spinning all the way over is even sicker because your generally keep rolling after you land. It does not get any more ill than that. It is my trademark move though, so don't try to pass it off as your own. You will get caught one way or another.

Here is another description of this move:

1) First you must be able to do a Backsault(swing arms back towards head and tuck as much as possible and land without hands touching ground at anytime).
2) Now what you wanna do iz perfect a backsault so that you still have some momentum that you have to stop yourself from slammin on your back.
3) Now what you wanna do iz swing even harder and jump your highest and tuck your most so that your nearly like a cannonball.
4) When you feel yourself almost landing on your feet, don't, keep tucked and land on your hands and feet at the same time so your in a crab position.
5) Now swing even harder, jump even higher, and tuck even more so that you land flat on your back like a suicide.

Dats all yo practice on a bed for dis one at first!!