Aright then this move/freeze is called L-Bow. Basically it's a L-Kick on your elbow and arm.

1) Get on yo knees, lean a lil' bit back, then swing yourself forwards and hit you're right arm on the ground (not too hard of course) so that you're fist is pointing straight ahead. At se same time put you're left palm on da ground to help wit da balance.
2) Also at that same position kick your LEFT leg up first then you right, open 'em up so they are in a V or L shape.
3) When your in the air nice and comfy on your arm and hand, lift you're left hand up and grab you're left leg behind you're body.

There u have it!!
You should first try this with out grabbing your leg... I'd say this is a lil' bit easier than the normal L-Kick and you should learn it in a day or so......