Kick Ups

Also known as Chinese Get-ups

This is when you are lying on your back, then you KICK UP and you land back on your feet.

This is start position:
Legs as close to your face as possible, arms OVER your shoulders touching the ground (very hard to explain if you haven't seen a person do one, watch Jackie Chan).

Now throw your legs HIGH as they can go, This should lift your hips as well. Now PUSH HARD with your arms, lifting your upper body.

TAKES PRACTICE!! took my about 4 months to get kip ups down. Later you can use the back of your head instead of hands. Then no hands at all.

If you wanna add style, while kicking your legs, make it look like your riding a bicycle with your legs. Or one legged kip ups. Then kip up-suicide-kip up-suicide.