1) You start in a crouching position.
2) Now put your arms and hands between your bent knees and lean over forward and hold your whole body (Don't support your body by putting in your elbows like doing a Turtle, also your knees are still bent).
3) While your holding your whole body with your hands and arms only, place the insides of your knees on top of your elbows.
4) Now you are in the Keroppi stance, try jumping/leaping forward (as much as possible and as far as you can like a frog), if you jump 5 times in a row as far as you can, it looks real TIGHT!! Also you can trying doing a Cricket, but you can use both hands and arms!!

Also if you are a beginner, I suggest you go in the Keroppi stance and try to start balancing your self. Try to build up your upper body strength and your forearms. And then when your comfortable with it, try to walk with ur hands and arms

*~Another TIGHT Idea*~ I call this "Metamorphosis" which is a combo of animal moves. It goes like this, first you can start in a Crab/Spider, and walk around a little, then you can go in to the Keroppi, start jumping/leaping forward as much as possible, and as far as possible, then you can finish it off with a Turtle!!