Icy Ice

I'll try to explain how to do diz move called Icy ice. This is also a variation of handglides and peeps say that this is easier but personally I think that handglides are easier..... This is pretty good for beginners!!

So first you need to hold the handglide (one handed turtle) position pretty good!! So first practice the turtle position! Elbows in stomach, legs and arms bent and try to balance you're self in the air with only you're hands. Now when you got that tight try it with only one hand! (left hand in da stomach if you're right handed) Now when you got that down let's start spinnin'!! Remer the skullie or glove on you're hand and you should probably have one on you're head too.

1) So you're in da hanglide position lift you're feet up so that you're head is on the ground. I have my left side of my head on the ground but you can use which ever you feel better with!!
2) Use you're right hand to push you're self so that you start to spin.

Once you get to spin really fast you can add you're own style in to it!! Put you're free hand behind you're back or grab you're legs or something.

I think that handglides are easier 'cos when you're head is on da floor it causes pretty much fraction...so in this move you won't spin very long after you stop pushing. So this move is just a handglide with you're head on the ground.