Hey peeps! This move is called the coffee grinder, or helicopter, or ball and chain, or anything else that peeps call it.
Anyway this has to be like one of the easiest moves in my opinion. The only thing is that you gotta be sorta flexible.
1. Sit on the ground with your left leg bent, and your sitting on the heel. And your right leg is straight out in front of you, and your hands are on the ground on each side of you.
2. Lift up your left leg and left hand, and at the same time swing your right leg in a circular motion to your left side, under your hand and leg.
3. Bring your right leg underneath your body in a circle motion, then put your left hand and leg back down and lift up your right hand. Bring your right leg around under your right hand and then back to the starting position.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you want.

You should do this move in your 6-step or something to make it look kool. You can get a kool stall out of this move. When you bring your right leg over to your left side grab the ankle with your left hand and hold it for a few seconds, then go back into the helicopter.