Head Swipes

This move was done by Crazy Legs in the Rappers Delight video by Def Squad. To start off get yourself in this position: Head and feet touching the ground nothing else and look up at the sky. When doing this move I go to the left, so do everything opposite if you feel going to the right is easier for you. Now that your in the position explained above take your left arm and bring it to the right, then swing your left arm back to the left, to gain momentum, have your right arm follow it, your head should stay on the ground the whole time, now that your body is spinning place both hands on the ground and twist your legs over, just like a swipe, so they land on the ground and your arms come off the ground and your looking up again. You should land back in the starting position. Now if you could understand that you have done one headswipe. After you have done one repeat everything and do as many as you like.