Head Flip

All right I am going to explain this move as clearly as possible!! Its not that difficult but once mastered it looks phat and you can add your own styles!!

1) You start it off by doing a kip up by getting on the ground on your upper back (shoulders) and with the help of your hands you kick hard in the air and push off with your hands! (this will give you much momentum if done properly)
2) Once you did the kip up you will land in a crouching position. From there you must lean forward and get on your head! (it sounds hard but the momentum you have makes it all easier)
3) When on your head you must swing and kick with your legs backwards! If done right you will land in a crouching position and from there you can go into the six step!!!

Tip: If you don't feel that you have enough momentum after the kip up don't go for it because you might just fall on your back!