Handspin is a very impressive but complex move. In this move, you spin your whole body on one hand. This may sound hard for beginners, but is actually pretty simple. To perform this move, you first must build up some upper body strength. I recommend you perfect a stall before attempting this move. For me and my crew, handstands come especially handy in power moves like this. You should first practice handstands to get your body used to the weight on your hands. After you have got handstands down, practice some one handed stalls. AiGhT, now you are ready to try this move. First go into a float. Now, what you want to do is plant your elbow by your hip. (a little to the side) Now slowly use your other hand to spin your body on that elbow you have planted. This will take a while to perfect. If you have perfected it, try to let go of your other hand go and spin on one arm.