Guy Brush

There's a phat Move spreading round DC that I actually started called the "Guybrush." It's like this:

[1] Sit down on the ground, put your left leg back, and your right leg straight out.

[2] Kick out with your left leg.

[3] As it is moving, lift it up and hook it around.

[4] While your leg is up in the air, grab it with your left arm, and bring it to the ground.

[5] With your right leg following it, pull your right leg out so that you are lying on your back with your legs spread.

[6] Do an Air-Bang.

From here you can roll over into a 6-Step or anything you want.

------ Basically it's a Windmill where you grab one ankle and pull it down, and land in the Crab Soccer (Bridge) Position. You can do an air hump, or anything you want from there. Please add this to your moves list!!! Thanks bro~!!!