1. Depending on you being left or right footed. for me being right footed this is how I do it. Start with your right foot on it's toe. Toe's pointing right, so that your heel is up and is turned in.
2. As you step down it will look like your heel is going to land on your left foot, at that time you slide your left foot out from under the heel of the right.
3. As soon as your right foot's heel hits the floor your left foot should be on it's toes facing out to the left with the heel turned in.
4. Now comes the tricky part, depending if you want to go in a circle or just keep moving in the same direction (which I like, cause you can glide in a direction of a girl that is walking and it looks like you are kinda just floating along beside her, but still facing her) Now let me try and explain.
5. Now that your left foot is on it's toe and your right is flat, the way to keep moving the general directions is that you have to slide your right foot on it's heel, yes that's right on it's heel at the same time your left foot is dropping to the floor. Where it gets tricky is that while gliding your right foot's heel you have to switch it to it's toe as soon as it is in front of the left foot.
6. At this time you right should be on it's toes in front of your left, which should be flat to the floor. Then you just start over. Your right goes from toe to heel while your left slides across the floor and back on to it's toe.