The way you do this is that you run forward but not too fast though(if ya running too fast you'll lost momentum!!! And end up throwing yourself and collapse your entire body! and you might be end up crushing hand it's happened to me before so I couldn't do windmill, turtle, or even handstand!!) , try to imagine yourself kicking the soccer ball on the right leg, launch your hands and legs and your body up, and then grab your legs(once you grab your legs so you end up tucking your legs to your chest! The more you tuck your body the more u get high!!!!) as if you are doin' backflip, is that clear?? Some people was wondering how can the legs goes up?? Well my answer is that you have to kick! all momentum its came from you legs and. Meantime you are in the mid air try to imagine yourself as if you are doin' backflip by grapping your legs, that's it.~

TO Overcome with F E A R!!!!, normally I scared to do this GAINER cuz I run forward and throw my legs up, Do you know how can I overcome with fear???? Because I was thinking about doin' backflip Try it!! it'll work!

One more thing! Don't freak your body out in the midair(just keep you body tight and tuck your kneed to your chest), or else you'll collapse your body!