Forward Handsprings

Hey, this is another cool move someone showed me. Here's the description.

I think this is another gymnastics move. I personally use this to enter the breaking circles. Basically, you start by standing up straight, throw your hands on the ground, push off and land on your feet. **NOTE** This is not a bronco. You have to push and go over, not back. When I first tried this move, I ended up landing on my ass. It hurt very much. Then I realized, you really have to throw yourself on your hands. This forces you to push more and this will help you land on your feet and not your ass. Or if that didn't help, try this step by step.

1. Stand up straight with your hands raised over your head.
2. Skip with your right foot and sorta extend your left leg in front of you.
3. Throw your hands onto the ground (kinda like a handstand, but you aren't stopping), and push. Remember to keep your hands pretty close together. This helps with the pushing. Also, try to keep your body straight. This helps with form.
4. Now if you pushed hard enough, you should land on your feet. If you landed on your ass, you either didn't throw yourself on your hands hard enough or you didn't push very well. Remember, you're supposed to SPRING off your hands!! That's why it's called a handspring.