First do a little toprock (optional) then put your Left leg about 9 inches Behind ur right not lined up now if u got momentom hurry and put ur left hand down close to where u have your left leg now swing your left leg as hard as u kan while doin a jump in order for your left leg to go through you will need to try and kick ur face with ur right leg it wont really kick your face just close. Now ur gettin ready to put ur right hand down when u do make sure all your wieght shifts to ur right arm and kick ur left leg up as high as possible now drive your right leg under your left and now put your left hand down in front of u both hands should be in front and now arch your back and without your legz touchin the ground kick the right 1 up again tryin to hit ur face and swing left low jus keep repeating this and thats the easiest way to bust a flare.

Another Description

[1] PuT YoUR FeeT On tHE FLOOr.

[2] BriNg AROunD to THe FRoNT.

[3] KiCk riGHt LEg Up THen RIght awAy Do the LEft One.

[4] FlY To The LEft WITh Ur Right FooT FirSt.