Elbow Spin

The name says it all you spin on your elbow:

First you get on your elbow, the hand of the elbow you're using should be holding up your chin or anywhere else you want to put it (you should be in a position similar to a handstand)you must be able to stay in this position. When you get down the balance to achieve spin you must wind ur legs like you are doing a 1990. This might feel awkward but if you could do a headspin or 1990 you should know how to do this. This is a difficult move and usually people just get 1-5 spins on it. To keep on going you could push of with ur free hand. When u land try to end it with a suicide or land on your feet. How to wind your feet: to do this you must open your feet in a v shape and for going counter clockwise kick ur left leg to ur right, then bring ur feet together. It feels awkward at first, but you'll get use to it.

Remember to were a long sleeve shirt or elbow padding when doing this.