Dizzy Run

I've named this move the 'cos it makes yo head kinda dizzy.... this move is a variation of the six step but the name will probably make you think that this is like a windmill or something...... You should wear some kinda knee pads for this one!! So here we go!!

1) Start on step TWO of the six step. Then do as you would do on the six step (lock you're right leg to the back of you're left one).
2) At the same time you're right leg "hits" you're left one. Then sort of collapse you're left leg so you're left knee hits the ground. (not too hard or you'll get angry).
3) Only naturally on this point also you're right knee hits the ground. Also here you're right hand comes to the ground. On this point you are on both of you're knees and hands but you won't stay in this position for a second if you want to get this to look smooth. This is the point where you're head start's to get dizzy.
4) Now you come off you're knees and you're right hand is on the ground, right leg pretty much straight and left leg bent. Now bring you're right (straight) leg to you're left (bent) leg.
5) Now bring you're left leg a lil' bit back.
6) Then bring you're right leg back and to the right that you are in the push up position.

Then just repeat the steps a couple of times... This move AIN'T Hard.....if you can six step properly you should master this in a day or so...... REMEMBER THE KNEE PADS!!!