Alright, this is about how to do crickets, I am sure most of you know these already but for those who don't, I am writin this. This is a tight move that is a variation of turtles as well as broncos and things of that nature. It is phat because it tests arm strength as well as balance.

1) The turtle position must be mastered. Your balance must be flawless. Otherwise you probably shouldn't try this move.
2) Get in the turtle position. Then bend/curl your legs at the knees so your feet come in closer to your body. Kick your feet upward/outward while pushing very hard with your hands. You should hop into the air when you do this and then come back down onto your hands. Be careful not to injure your wrists or hit your chin or knees on the floor.
3) Once you can do that, with each hop you take try turning your body a little bit in one direction so that you land facing a different direction than when you started. Or try just hopping really high but facing the same direction. Do this repeatedly and you have crickets. These is a sweet move!! Hope thiz helped ya'll, PEACE. Keep it goin fellaz.