Okay ya'll I'm gonna do da best I can to explain C-Glides (Confusion Glides). This is a variation of a handglide on pretty much in the same difficulty level... But it's REALLY hard to explain the position you do this in so PLEASE be too hard on me!! And it's kinda hard to get outta this move smoothly... AND REMEMBER DIZ!!! You need a glove or a skullie or something under you're hand or you won't spin and you'll f*ck up you're wrist!!!

1) Start just in a normal standing position......standing up but you GOTS TO keep yo legs a lil' bit open.
2) Then just crouch down. You're heels DO NOT touch the ground so you're weight is on the front of you and you're hands are between and a lil' in front off you're legs. So you're in a normal crouch position.
3) Then move you're LEFT hand back, between you're legs and to you're left so that you're LEFT hand is on the LEFT side of you're LEFT foot. You're right hand stays still.
4) Then turn/lean to you're left and move both of you're hands to you're left. Then collapse you're left leg to you're left so that you're left side of you're left knee lies on the upper side of you're left hand. You're weight is on you're left of course. Now if you are in the correct position you can "stab" you're left elbow on you're stomach. You're right leg is the same position and doesn't move yet.
5) Now lift you're right leg a lil' bit in da air...It stays bent. You also need to lift you're right FOOT only a couple of inches off the ground which shouldn't hard at all 'cos you're weight is on yo left.

Hope ya'll got this position down now... Now you are ready to spinnnnn!!! So like in handglides push you're self to spin wit you're right hand.... Remember neither one of yo knees touches da ground!! You can help the speed and balance wit yo right leg!!
So there ya have it!!! I really hope that someone understood this move...it looks pretty sweet!! But handglides are just a lil' bit sweeter (my opinion) here's a tip!! It looks kinda kool if you do this from toprockin'!!! You just rock around and then quickly collapse you're self down and go to this move!!! And when you go outta this move you will most likely fall to you're left... So be careful so you don't hurt you're wrist!! If you can do handglides all right you should master this move in a couple of days...!!