This is a not so hard, but will take time kinda move. Itís hard to explain but bear with me. This will hurt a few times if u don't land right. I like this way of gettin into a circle, instead of toprocking myself into a circle, but doin it in combo looks good too.

1) Step hard like you're gonna jump really high forward.
2) Then jump up really high but become horizontal in the air jump in a diagonal direction then become horizontal in the air).
3) Now, while still airborne,(u should be facing the ground)bend your back inward so your stomach is sticking toward the ground.
4) Still at the same exact time, extend your arms behind u, close to your knees(sounds confusing but when u view the clip you'll see what I mean).
5) Now snap out of it so that your leg's are in V shape and your arms are close to your chest to support your fall.
6) Then land with your arms(pretty much the same way u support yourself from a worm), and legs flat on all fours. u should be in a push position. this sounds crappy when I explain but when u view the clip you'll see it's pretty good.
7) You can land in a worm style which ever u want.