Body Flare

To do a body flare, you should be able to hold a hangglide position pretty well. If you want to do it clockwise, use your right elbow as your elbow in the middle part of your stomach, counter clockwise use your left hand. I'm gonna explain how to do it counter-clockwise. Put your left elbow in the middle of your stomach and your right hand out to your right side, either flat or on the side where your pinky is. The right side of your head should be smooshed on the floor as well. The closer to your head your elbow is, the higher in the air your legs are. Kick your left leg under your right leg and roll onto your back. You can also follow with your right leg and make it a nice backspin. This is also a big part of the windmill. You can also turn it into a freeze or headspin. Make sure to stretch your wrists a lot first so you don't screw 'em up. Good luck.