Barrel Windmills

This move is not easy, you will have to do a lot of stretching in your arms so you don't screw 'em up. Start out by doing a front side body flare, or after the 4th step put your left elbow in your gut, and put your left palm on the floor with you fingers pointing to your feet. Put your right arm flat on the floor, and also the right side of your face on the ground. Now flare out your legs behind you and staying in that position, turn your whole body to your right with your left hand, then swing your right leg up, and your left leg under. Now flip over to your back and cross your arms across you chest, or stick them out like your making a basket with your arms. If you have enough momentum do the same as a windmill, but roll onto your chest without planting your elbow in your gut, leave them where they are, and continue linking them. This move is tough on your hands and takes an extreme amount of momentum, try a 2-step into it. You have to be able to do windmills easy to do this.